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zqueenMarch 16, 2012

I am unexpectedly having to replace my AC systems (Rheem--have had problems for the last 5 years; installed 2000) in my 2 story, 2 zone house. I'm getting estimates and though I "hear" that Trane is the best, the estimates I've been getting are quite expensive. What about Lennox? I live in OK where my AC is used from March or April (March this year) to as late as Nov. Judging by our 112 degree days last summer, I expect continued heavy use. I plan on being in this house for maybe another 4-6 years. Any opinions?

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I know some people who don't like lennox. That is only speculation though. They are a big-name brand with a good warranty. What do you heat with? At the time of replacing the A/C is a good time to consider doing the upgrade from A/C to a heatpump. It doesn't cost much more and then you have heat from the same unit.

There are other good brands out too like York/luxiare/Coleman. This is an often under-rated brand.

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I have natural gas heat. The dealers I have spoken with so far have all been emphatically against heat pumps and haven't recommended them.

The person who is coming to give me an estimate tomorrow sells Lennox and York, so I will ask him about both, as well as his opinion on a heat pump (about which I literally know nothing).

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I am well experienced in this and prefer the Lennox ac over Trane. Trane systems seem to be ok when they are installed in the vertical position. Lennox is a very dependable brand and have very few problems and it is what I installed in my parents house last year.
I tend to discourage variable speed.
Where I live here in Florida are heaters are almost all electric so I can't comment the heating part.

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Thank you for the info! Can you help me out some more?

It appears to me, having combed the internet for reviews, info, etc, that the install quality is more important than the system, and if you've chosen a good system, all the better. I've seen a lot of faithful followers of both Trane and Lennox, and I deduce that they are both good.

I'm tending towards the Lennox, both because the salesperson really emphasized the quality of their installers (ALL their employees are NATE certified) and because he did the load calculation while at my house and was able to factor in my energy efficient windows (which the other guys didn't ask about) so that his recommendations for my downstairs was a 2 ton unit, rather than a 2 1/2 ton unit. They also have a No Lemon Warranty.

The Lennox person also said that they would replace all the refrigerant lines, instead of just flushing them, because he said that getting every last bit of refrigerant oil out is impossible and that to make certain that there was nothing to void the warranty in case of problems, they replace the lines on all their installs. His estimates were right in line with the 2 separate Trane estimates (that is to say, expensive!). It makes sense to me, but what do you think about this, Salbono and neohioheatpump?

Because Oklahoma's winter weather would necessitate the frequent use of a back-up heating system, heat pumps are generally not used too much here.

Also, the 2 stage AC units and the variable speed furnaces with 98% efficiency are obviously being pushed, and though I logically see how they are better, I am loath to spend the money on "top of the line everything," given that I don't know how long I'm going to be in the house. Is there a way to figure out your energy savings to see it the expense may be warranted?

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What are your natural gas and electricity rates? If they are low, then you may never see the pay back of buying more energy efficient equipment.

I recommend getting the most energy efficient furnace you can afford, and not invest in a heat pump. You are not going to save any money with a 2-stage AC. The multiple stages provide better comfort. The 2-stage unit will do a better job of lowering the humidity. There may be some savings if you can live with at high temperature setting with a lower humidity. The savings would probably be small.

The Lennox dealer sounds like he is doing the right things for a quality installation.

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Thank you all for the help. I've decided to go with Lennox, and am getting 2 single stage AC's and one 96% efficient furnace and one 80% efficient furnace. It's more affordable and strikes a balance between getting a new system and not knowing how long I'll be in this house. You're right, Mike, I think that I will realize some energy savings on this new system, but I don't think that can be a big factor in my decision-making process. I do feel that the Lennox dealer is going to give me a good install--certainly a lot better than what I have now--and that's probably the most important thing. Thank you again for your help!

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