Light blinking on PCP

scott2006March 3, 2012

I have an Amana Furnace model AMV90704CXBA furnace.

The problem is intermitten, the furnace comes up to temp that is called for on the thermo, then shuts down normaly. After that it won't start back up, only the fan runs and blows unheated air.

The service people came out and replaced a vaccum switch...

A week later the same problem. Came out again and said they found a "loose wire". Turned the furnace on at the furnace basement switch and the unit ran back up to normaly functuning then shut off when the thermo temp was reached.

Next cycle....... we are not back to the fan blowing unheated air and no heat. To get the furnace on I have to turn the furnace off at the furnce switch then turn it back on again.

And we are good for one heating cycle. ( repeat as necessary)

The light on the PCB blinks 5 times.

Service people left and I don't think they know how to fix it.

Any ideas?



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I found this decsription for 5 blinking lights. You may have a problem with the gas valve. Find a qualified tech who knows who to service Amana furnaces.

Flame Sensed with No Call for Heat.If the controlsenses a flame when the gas valve is de-energized, it will run the air circulation blower and the induced draftblower continuously with no further furnace operation.The diagnostic flash code for this is afive flashes. Theprobable causes are either a short to ground in flamesense circuit, miswiring, lingering burner flame or a slowclosing gas valve.

Here is a link that might be useful: Amana Furnace Service Instructions

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My question is why would a tech replace a pressure switch when blower motor runs continuously? If a pressure switch is bad the blower will not cycle at all. If it is tripping on high limit then the blower will run. Also I doubt a loose will will cause blower to run continuously either. I would call another company and cut your losses now.

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Thanks for the info............ If I get the same problem again I'll call someone else. It seems to be working ok for now.


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