HELP!! Installing Marmoleum Click

trofywifeDecember 13, 2010

Ok, my husband and I have become pretty good DIYers over the years so I thought this would be an easy project to tackle.

We are laying marmoleum click in a checkerboard pattern at an angle (45 degree). Has anybody else done this? I have started and re started in every corner of the room turning the tiles every way possible. When I get to a point where the next tile needs to butt up against 2 tiles I can NOT get them to go together. If I use the pounding block it just pushed the tile on the other side of it out of place and I have to start completely over. I have used shims to try and keep them in place but even they aren't working. I have used the wedges to keep the tiles lifted at an angle.

Has anyone else had this problem? I have already made cuts to about 3 boxes of tiles so shipping back is not really an option now. There is no money left in the budget so hiring someone is not an option either. I know we can do this, I just need to know the trick to getting that third tile wedged in.


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It is a rotating lock.

Beating it together with a taping block, just damages the lock.

Angle in and rotate down.

A 45ú in a tile pattern, for the first go around, is like racing the Daytona 500 and never learning to drive.

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Also, look at the lock-if you have damaged some of it, little shards of the green material will block the next tile's lock from getting in there tight. Just take a box knife and trim the pieces that are blocking the lock. Then you can gently try to tap the next tile into it.

As for the angled pattern, any way you can click a few pieces together and then slide them into place as one, rather than one piece at a time? I did that with a tight corner I had, and it worked pretty well.

Good Luck though- you will love this stuff!

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