difficulties finding colored grout on short notice

cwynDecember 31, 2010

So we have to have a colored Laticrete unsanded grout by Wednesday. I spent most of yesterday and today all over the city looking for this (I am in NYC), but no one carries it in stock, and everyone says that it takes at least a week to "special order," even though it is one of the colors on the standard Laticrete color card. (We're using it with honed red travertine tile, so we have to go with a reddish/orange grout color, like cinnamon, copper beech, or quarry red - any of the standard other colors would just look funny with this tile.)

I then went online, figuring that it must be possible to get it online and just pay for faster shipping, but very few places seem to sell the Laticrete grout online, and those that do do not have any kind of expedited shipping option.

I don't know what to do - it never occurred to me that such a simple thing as grout would be so hard to come by, and we can't delay the grouting any more - the whole remodel and the bathroom in particular have been delayed by months beyond the original end date, and we have to move in on Friday and can't go weeks without a usable bathroom, and in addition, I'm due to give birth any day now, so we can't drag this renovation out any more.

Does anyone have any advice about how to get Laticrete colored unsanded grouts quickly? Any vendors that I could call on Monday and ask for 1 or 2 day shipping?

Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

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Try the Polyblend grout at Home Depot in Nutmeg. It's a stock color and should be on the shelf. I used that on a project with a red travertine tile backsplash for a client and it turned out great.

BTW, it dries about two shades lighter than it's appearing on my monitor screen and that's about a half shade lighter than the in store actual grout samples show. Which is a good thing, because I thought it might be a little dark. But, it was the better choice between special ordering Quarry Red or going elsewhere and coming up empty as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Polyblend Nutmeg

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If you want Laticrete give Floorlife a call. I used them several times and regular shipping was quite fast. Not as fast as you would need, but they don't dally with getting product out the door.

Here is a link that might be useful: Floorlife

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Thanks for the tips!

The home depot grout doesn't seem to be in stock here. If I really have trouble tracking down the Laticrete, I will try seeking out home depots farther afield to see if I can track it down.

Thanks also for the reassuring info about Floorlife - I had them down as a potential place to call tomorrow morning (they were closed on Fri for the holiday), so this gives me hope that they may be able to help me.

Thanks again for the tips!

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I'm sure Floorlife will have what you want in stock, if you can't find it anywhere else. If you are willing to pay the extra shipping they will get the product to you.

Good luck!

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Our Lowes Hardware has it, and they sell on-line if you don't have a Lowes in your area.

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Just thought I'd update - I did manage to get what I needed overnighted from Floorlife. (Lowes in NYC doesn't carry that color in stock, and I was told 7-14 days to order it, unfortunately.) The bathroom has been grouted, and the color looks perfect with the tile we picked out, so all has ended well.

Thanks again for the recommendations!

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Very cool! Glad it worked out and thanks for letting us know.

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