Parquet Flooring - What should I do?

sargentbDecember 13, 2012


I just recently purchased a short sale home...I discovered this parquet flooring after pulling up the 80's "shag style" orange first thought was to save money and just repair/refinish the floor and then restain an different color, although im not sure if i shoudl go darker or lighter with a bleaching solution. The floor seemed to be good quality (at one time), with 1 inch think strips of red oak individually laid pieces. Any advise you could give would be appreciated.

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You should never bleach any floor unless you are prepared to never have it be a natural color ever again.

This floor looks and chances are its a red oak species.

Red oak is EXTREMELY easy to stain any color.

Bleaching just seems like an unnecessary option.

If it was my floor i would sand and stain a medium brown color. That color is just a color i like. You can go whatever color you choose.

Keep in mind the darker you stain the more difficult it is to keep looking nice. (Dust will show up virtually right after cleaning)

Other than that nice find!!

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Parquet is a wonderful floor and very very forgiving. Water can sit on it and you just dry it up. I have parquet in kitchen from 35+ years ago. I wish it was in my entire down floor and I would just refinish.

Its a real floor. Spend the money to refinish and put a light stain on it. Its a beautiful floor and in my mind timeless.


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Greg and Carol,

Thanks for your responses. I agree this floor is worth keeping..still not sure which stain to use but I think I'll stay away from the bleaching option...thanks again...Ill post a follow up picture when done.

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