Carpet cleaning advice needed

mrsgymDecember 28, 2012

We believe we have a mite infestation in our house. We have had the carpet cleaned, house fogged 8 times with a cedar oil product to no avail. I was thinking of cleaning the carpet with vinegar. Probably 1/2 water, 1/2 vinegar. I read some where, (of course I can't remember where) that mites like an acidic environment. If that's true vinegar would not be a good idea. I really want to pick your brain. I'm hoping that some one who has a background studying insects, and killing them can help us out. Thank you

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We had a flea infestation years ago, after our dog was boarded at a local facility. Cleaning doesn't deter insects and arthropods and other such pests. I suggest you bite the bullet and get in a professional exterminator. Don't fool around with OTC bug sprays, bombs and such. Exterminators have access to strong chemicals. They may have to make more than one trip. Pests go thru several life cycles (egg,larva,adult) and you need to get rid of everything. You and any pets will have to leave home during the treatment. Good luck.

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We contacted all exterminators in our area already. I don't know about all states, but they can not exterminate unless they know what it is they are trying to get rid of. We have no visible signs of any bug. One fellow said he would come out and spray with a cedar product, but he wouldn't guarantee it. We used the same product he has and fogged 8 times. Honestly, money is not the issue. I would give thousands to rid us of the invisible biting mites.

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I would think a pro might be necessary to confirm the nature of the problem. How did you conclude that you have a mite problem and not something else? Where are you located? Is it a common area for mite infestation?

Also, when do you get the bites? You're not finding the bites in the morning, are you? Sorry to mention this, but have you ruled out bedbugs?

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I'm in the Ann Arbor, MI area. We have checked all the beds (several times), and haven't noticed anything, and they are also encased in heavy duty, sealed plastic.
I have heard that what we are experiencing is not uncommon. The past summer was typical of a summer that you might have down south, where people typically have problems with mites.
I noticed that the dog was scratching more than usual, and at the same time, I had sort of like itchy mosquito bites on my left elbow. Took the dog to the vet and she said he had fleas. She had me treat the dog, the area inside where he spends most of him time and sleeps (washing bedding & toys), and spraying the area outside where he goes the bathroom. He never improved, and I purchased a flea trap, and we never caught a thing after 1 week. Took the dog back to the vet, and she said he didn't have mites. Besides the doctors we've seen, I've talked with our county environmental health, and health dept. I've talked with the owners of several exterminating businesses and owners who sell the product. They believe it's mites, and said we might never get rid of them. Bites are more of a needle like prick. You might see a little red spot, but nothing else. They are active mostly at night time.

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Sophie Wheeler

If they are mites, then you ought to be able to take a few carpet and bedding samples and put them under a microscope and see them. That would be a preliminary diagnostic step. Any larger exterminator or even your vet should be able to provide you with that service. Or even your local county agricultural agent. The first step is diagnosing what the issue might be. The second step would be treating them, or you, for the problem.

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