Wood floors with vaulted ceilings

nrpyleDecember 19, 2012

My husband and I are considering purchasing a home with lavender carpeting that we will obviously want to replace. I would like to install some dark stained oak flooring throughout or at a minimum of the first floor. Our one hesitation is the great room is a fairly large space with vaulted ceilings. What are some ways to have the hardwood yet minimize echoing and keeping a warm feeling in the room? I would paint the room a mid-tone warm grey.

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They sell sound dampening under layment and it works well. If you are hiring pros talk with them. There are many options.

If doing this project yourself find a hardwood floor distributor for the material.

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Oh wonderful! I had no idea that existed. Thank you so much!

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Keep in mind though you will always have some of an echo. Cant eliminate it totally.

There are different levels. I. E. you could just use like a felt pad ( cheap not the best) or you could using something called Floor Muffler ( better but around $200 for 100sqft. )

Some distributor might have testing displays to show you just how effective these can be. Take some time and look around

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