Loving our Waterlox kitchen floor.

bethDecember 1, 2010

Just put the fourth coat of Waterlox (the satin one) on our new quartersawn white oak kitchen floor. We are simply enchanted with the depth and beauty of it. It actually looks like amber, or maple syrup. It's really amazing. We almost stained it first, but decided against it, and we're really happy about that. It just wasn't necessary, and would probably have come out too dark for our kitchen.

This was our first experience with this product, and now we're considering doing our maple cabinets with it also. Not sure how the color would come out, or if it would be too dark in the long run. Our kitchen does not get a lot of light. I think we'll do an experimental board to figure it out.

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I am so jealous!! Do you have any pictures you can post?

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Hello, yes please post some pics or a link to pics - - I'm thinking of the same flooring and could use some help deciding, as they are going to start next month! (aaagh!)

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Sorry it took me so long to get back online. Busy taking some final exams of my own and moving my DD out of her dorm room - she's graduating!!!!!
Anyway, as she is the camera expert, I'll have her post some of the photos that she has already taken. It's a beautiful floor.

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Was this engineered or solid? What product did you use for the wood and was it expensive. But then it sounds like this is a DIY project. Have you noticed any fumes? I am concerned about off gassing and smells as have a kid with asthma, but love the non sheen finishes. Please do post photos. I love white oak quartersawn although that is definitely out of my budget. I am in a condo and it is dark too so I need a light word compatible with dog and kid. Thanks. Carol avivacarol@aol.com

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avivacarol - Waterlox STINKS! It REEKS! It might or might not trigger an asthma attack, but it's definitely something to do when you can open all windows.

However, if you can send the kid somewhere during the process it's a superb finish after it's cured.

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I didn't think it stunk too badly. At least not more than I expected a finish to smell. Kind of like paint - some people think paint smells awful, I think it just smells like paint.

I did my 125yr old library floor (red oak we think) in a custom stain (a rich reddish color) with Waterlox - it looks amazing. We're just about to finish the floor to ceiling (birch & pine) bookcases in there with Waterlox too. They're also stained, but not the same color as the floor, a color that matches the older woodwork in the house (something between a golden oak and an old hickory).

If you try Waterlox, I think you'll like it!

Always ;-)

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thanks so much for posting! we are finishing up laying our walnut floors for our new build and are going with waterlox. the kitchen has already had one coat laid down and it's unbelievable. i know it will look even more beautiful with more coats. i spoke with a waterlox rep who advised me to do two coats and then the top coat. i've since read of quite a few people doing three coats and then a fourth, top (finish) coat.

i'm thinking more is definitely MORE ...why would the waterlox rep tell me only three coats?

any help appreciated and PLEASE show us pics!

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