Pantyhose, confused by terms.

debrak2008August 9, 2014

So sorry for all the fashion questions.

Need pantyhose for the "cowboy" wedding if you have read the other posts. I am confused by the terms and the more I look at supposed fashion expert web sites the more confused I become.

Don't want black, want legs to look bare. Need some coverage for a few varicose veins. Try to match my actual color or slightly darker? Then the terms opaque, sheer, matte, etc. are confusing. I don't want the hose to compete with the dress which has a little shimmer or the boots. The boots are kind of low on my leg and the dress hem is above the knee. What are good brands or places to buy hose?

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JC Penney's would be a good place to look.

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The question of pantyhose has been a tough one for me, too. At 55, my legs aren't what they used to be and I have some obvious veins. I wore pantyhose to the office for most of my career (I'm in a much more casual office now), and I find it almost impossible to be comfortable in a knee-length skirt without them. In the winter, my go-to option is always opaque black tights with boots or shoes, but always choose a mid calf or longer skirt in summer.
However, earlier this summer I splurged before going on vacation and got a spray (airbrush?) tan. My legs looked great instantly! It does wear off after about a week and isn't something I'd do on a regular basis, but you might consider it for your event. You'd want to do it a day or two before, so there isn't any chance of staining your dress, but it's a good alternative to pantyhose. I went to a Benefit Cosmetics boutique, but I've seen it advertised at hair salons near my office in Greenwich, CT with prices from $45 (what I paid) to as much as $85. Mine was done by a technician with what looked like a paint sprayer -- she was very accurate -- and there were different levels of color. You could also just have your legs done.
Just an option, considering it is almost impossible to find pantyhose in stores anymore!

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I would not wear hose with a dress worn with western boots. You are wearing cowboy boots - do I remember that correctly? I would do what home suggested or just bare skin before wearing hose.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Any roughness on any edge of the boot can snag or run the panty hose. So if you do decide to wear them, better bring a spare too.

If you are looking for nude hose, go to a dept store liked lord and Taylor, go to a hosiery store like l'eggs/Hanes, or even try a drug store chain like cvs or walgreens.

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I agree to do a professional spray tan. I actually am slowly tanning my legs and arms because outside on my deck because I will be wearing a dress for a September wedding. Not sure if I will wear hose.
I like Hanes, too.

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I do go UV tanning now and plan to do it a lot more in the next few weeks. While it does help my legs look better it doesn't help the bulging veins. There would be too much skin showing to be comfortable for me without pantyhose. Bringing along an extra pair of hose is a good idea.

Here is the dress, boots, and jewelry. Should the pantyhose be matte or not? The dress has a little shimmer to it.

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When Kate toured Canada with Prince William, she wore hose with a wee bit of shimmer and it was all the rage. A little shimmer would be nice for a wedding and might help disguise the veins. Of course, no one will be looking at your legs!

Would you wear a little sock between hose and boot for comfort and to stop snags?

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I'd consider a sheer black pantyhose with shimmer to go with that outfit. I like Hanes, too and buy them at Macy's. They come in all shades. The control top type seem to give more leg coverage too, to hide the veins. They come in all colors, so match your skin color if you want nude.

I can't remember the last time I wore pantyhose. Probably the last day I worked.

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For summer, I would go with nude sheer maybe with shimmer. For winter, I would go with all black.

I used to buy some nice sheer Hanes from department stores. But buy an extra pair because they were delicate. The name came to me: Hanes Silk Reflections.

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UV tanning? Wasn't that outlawed? Please, try a spray tanning session.

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I know UV tanning is not very healthy but I do look better with it. I only do a few minutes at a time as I feel claustrophobic in the booth. I have tried spray tanning and was told by my family that it makes me look old as it wears off (I agree). Spray tanning is also very expensive here.

I will go shopping soon for the hose. I will try JCP & Macy's. I will look for Hanes Silk Reflections.

In June I spent 30 min. in Kohl's looking for pantyhose and came home with a pair that didn't fit well (was too big) and did not have a good feel.

On a side note, those boots have now inspired us to have the DJ play Nancy Sinatra's These boots are made for walkin' and have all the women dance. We are all watching the youtube video and practicing. OH those moves are hard! Some I will never be able to do.

Thank you all for the help!

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Have you tried Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs? I've worn it a couple of times this summer, and was very happy with it. If you do try it, I'd give it a try beforehand, but was very easy to use. As long as you don't get wet, you should be fine.

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I will try Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs!

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