WeatherMaker 8000 odd noises

shakushinnenMarch 22, 2013

Is it possible that part of my 'el cheapo brand' filter has been sucked into the fan, and is causing problems. (It was a flimsy thing that had partially caved in, and may have lost some of it's media.) It almost sounds like the motor is labouring to start. If so, where can I get some detailed instruction on how to clean this out, and do a little house cleaning at the same time? I have download the Carrier maintenance instructions, which really don't tell you much. It seems fine now, but ......
.... john

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Some of the old blower motors on the Carrier furnaces had a port to add lubricating oil. Check to see if your blower has this option. If it does see if adding a few drops of motor oil will help the situation. The motor may be reaching end of life and probably needs to be replaced. It could also be a start up capacitor. Look for the capacitor and see if it is replaceable.

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Thanks Mike. I'll do that.
....... john

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