UV Dye Test?

needheatpumphelpMarch 23, 2010

I had an HVAC tech trouble shoot my air handler and he found leaks and wants to come back and do a UV Dye Test to determine where and how many leaks there is. I am in the process of also getting quotes on a new system since my GE air handler is original (1984) and the outside unit is 12 years old with a new compressor in 2009. We would like to prolong the enivitable replacement. Is this a waste of time and money? The unit runs fine when properly charged. I know we are going to need a new system but my logic is if i can get another two years out of the system that would be a bonus.

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you may not like my reply.

certainly using dye and a diagnosis tool for location is the correct method to find a leak. but stop and think a minute. this is the original and a 26 yr old air handler. this is a waste of time and money.

sorry for your trouble but this is not reasonable. old things do break and have to be replaced. you would be throwing good money after bad.

take advantage of the tax credit that is scheduled to expire end of this year.

Good Luck!

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I have a Small leak somewhere in my HAVAC system. It takes
about a year and half before it starts to even be noticeable.
My question is! Even if i can find it? Will the dye last long
enough so that I can? And my system is 17 years old. If the leak is in the system coil is it worth fixing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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