Oil floor-finish coming off, inconsistent surface

lethargoDecember 31, 2011

We had our 60 yr old hrdwd floors refinished 3 month ago. Our refinishing company suggested oil over poly for our family, which includes 2 toddlers and an aging dog. I feel I have been very careful following the care and cleaning instructions. When I run into a sticky spot or place where a drop of milk has dripped while cleaning, the finish comes off while I'm scrubbing. There is a lot of food and drink that ends up on the floor, and I am cleaning it often throughout the day. I have tried various strengths of the cleaner that the company supplied. Also, the finish never has a consistent finish to it-when viewed at an angle it always looks a little...oily or greasy.

We are very dissatisfied with our floors, and I'm wondering if perhaps a bad product might have been used, or improperly handled. We had looked at a sample floor that looked very nice-which is why we chose it, and feel that the finish we received is much more inferior...

Should we clean and reapply or sand and poly??

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We would need to know the brand and type of finish, Oil can be either linseed oil, hard wax oil or oil polyurethane. I would guess hard wax but from your description it may be linseed.

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The oil used was Rubio monocoat, in a natural/clear color.

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A "one coat oil finish" is not going to look like the old film forming finish you had.

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