Moving floor vent to toekick area

cathy725March 1, 2013

Hello. We are renovating our kitchen as well as baths and new flooring. Our house builder put the floor vents in several poor locations. There are two I'd like to move, but the one in the kitchen is the focus of this post.

The vent is currently just inside the door to the garage in the kitchen right in front of the built-in pantry. Vent runs perpendicular to the garage door toward the hinge side of the door. Vent runs horizontally to the (tiny) pantry just in front of the pantry door.

I am removing the (tiny) built-in pantry and replacing it with larger pantry cabinets. I'd like to move the vent 8-10" to under the cabinets and put a toekick vent on the front of the cabinets.

My GC says that usually people just have the vent dump into the space (plenum) under the cabinet and have the vent cover on the toekick. He says this isn't very efficient, and also heats up the pantry. I understand his point. (Is this a valid point?)

Is there a good way to do this venting? Could most of the opening under the cabinet be blocked off so it has a smaller opening to force the air out of the vent. Or is there a small 90 degree venting solution to connect to the toekick opening so the are is directed into the kitchen rather than under the pantry?

I've searched the internet, but haven't seen pictures or good ideas for this solution.

Thanks for any advice!

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If understand your description correctly, I don't understand why your general contractor is making such a big deal out of your request. Why can't the vent be routed from below so that emerges from underneath the cabinet? It can then be connect with a 90 degree elbow to a 3.5 inch high vent. This would terminate at the cabinet toe kick.

You may have a any opportunity to route the vent to a more central location in the kitchen depending how the cabinets are configured.

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Thanks. Kitchen isn't too big so there's not a lot of places to put the thing. I'm going to readdress the issue with GC.

The builders seemed to pick the worst places to put the vents. This one is in front of the garage door. The one in the den is in front of the sliding glass door--I have to have my rug shifted over so it doesn't cover the thing and so we have to step in sideways to step on the rug rather than the vent when we enter--that one is getting moved to the right to get out of the door entry.

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Hi, I've read your post and if you have not found a solution, you can ask your contractor to run a 4x10 or 4X12 supply duct under the cabinet, then connect the boot in the floor with the under cabinet toe kick ducting kit you can view in this picture.

Here is a link that might be useful: Toe Kick Under Cabinet Ducting Kit

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