Questions for those with concrete floors

lori_inthenw_gwDecember 8, 2011

We've decided to do hydronic radiant heat and want it to be able to work as efficiently as possible, so we looked at tile and concrete. Looks like concrete with integral color will likely be most cost-effective.

I don't know anyone who has that, though I do know a couple of people who have the acid-stained concrete. I have only seen the color charts online, no actual samples yet.

Thoughts about the different coloring and staining options? How about the whole scoring pattern and cracking question? How much cracking is inevitable? What about polishing options? Would that add a lot to the cost? If it starts costing the same as the tile option, I might re-think the concrete.

(I do have a little trepidation around it not looking visibly "warm" if you know what I mean.)

Sorry-- that's about 3 questions wrapped into one!

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