How could I apply to use Alzak label and the patent number?

amanda13September 13, 2007

I found the trademark of Alzak was expired and I would like to apply the Alzak label on my product but don't know if there are some patents I need to know. Could anyone help me to know what the patent number is for the Alzak process? I already know the trademark was owned by Alcoa.

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Hmm, if you're talking about a true trademark, which is a symbol of origin or manufacture (such as the name 'Alzak'), trademarks applied for and granted do not 'expire'.

Patents protect ideas, and do expire.

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If they are still using the Alzak tradename you can't use it, even if the registration is expired. Have they abandoned use of the name? Do a Google search on "expired trademark" and you'll find a lot of info on the impact.

Patents are something separate entirely and have nothing to do with you using their name. You can search for patents and trademarks on the USPTO website. Patents do expire. If you search for Alzak under patents you will find a lot.

If you are serious about this you need a patent attorney.

Here is a link that might be useful: Expired Trademark Info

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