Furnace Flue

ichabodMarch 15, 2012

While doing some work for a relative living in a three level house I noticed that the furnace flue goes from the basement, through two floors and a ceiling and through the roof. The installation of the flue itself looks proper, but I am concerned that the openings around the flue are not closed off to prevent the upward movement of fire, if there should be one. What is the proper way to seal around the flue?


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What kind of flue?

The problem is you need something that can stand up to the temperature of the outside of the flue.

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What I have learned so far is that apparently it is required to have firestops at every level of penetration. What I discovered after a few minutes doesn't speak well for the home inspector when my relative bought the house, nor the building inspector when the home was built. Found plenty of electrical problems, too. I think the inspector was mainly there to collect his pay.


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Anyone with a hammer, flashlight, camera, and a ladder can
become a home inspector. Watch mike homes. If the home builders and general contractors did over here what they do
over there 85 percent of them would be out of business and in jail. So would half of the inspectors. Prime exp. Put up a partition wall in the basement in this province without floating it The inspector will issue a stop work order. That is how lacks the codes are over there. If you smell car exhaust coming from your attached garage you don't need a home inspector to figure out there is something wrong.
Yes i think you could be right. The inspector was there to
collect the money and he or she hadn't a clue as what they were doing.I can still legally pull a gas install permit.
Haven't been in the trade for 10 years. Obviously some codes have changed by then. Think i'll do a job now without
up dating myself with the new codes ? NOT. Actually i'll not do the job.

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