Master bedroom warmer than the rest of the house.

coltar15March 31, 2013

We have a 1600 sq ft house in the Dallas Ft Worth area. Our master bedroom, is about 12x14 with a master bath attatched. It is easily 10 deg warmer in that room, than the rest of the house, all the time.
It is a south room, so during the day you might expect it be a little warmer, but it is warmer even at night.
We are in our fifties and my wife is hot all the time. I don't want to have to set the entire house at 70 deg, during our hot summers, to keep one room comfortable. I am thinking of a window unit for that room and keep the rest of the house at 78, but there will be a lot of times she will want the rest of the house comfortable too.
I am puzzled as to where this heat is coming from.

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Is the bedroom above a garage? How much insulation is in the attic above the bedroom? Have you tried closing the window blinds to block out the direct sun light?

How is the air flow to the bedroom? Is the AC installed in an unconditioned attic? If it is have you inspected the duct work connected to the bedroom?

It may be a combination of problems. I suggest investigating the possible causes before spending money on a window unit.

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Ground floor, concrete slab.
1969 build, roll out insulation between rafters in attic.
Air handler is in hallway just outside bedroom.
Duct work looks like it has never been touched.
Fairly heavy dark curtains on the south window.
42" HDTV is on almost all the time. Not that much heat from it and even when it was off, the temp was just as high.

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Cheapest thing that might work would be to insulate the attic more. Blown insulation over the batts is the easiest.

Where are your ducts? (slab or attic)

How is the airflow in the bedroom ducts compared to other rooms?

As an aside, the master bedroom often becomes the warmest room in the house. It has the most occupants for the most time in a small space. Is the TV Plasma? That would be an easy fix.

There are probably multiple issues and you might need multiple fixes unless there is one glaring one and this is usually a horrible duct leak or airflow problem.

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do you have a change in ceiling heights in the
master bedroom/bath/closets or to hall?

is the bedroom door usually opened or closed?

recessed lights in this area?

could be several things...

ductwork in attic, is it flex or hard pipe?

is the hall unit gas or elec strip heat or air
handling unit for heat pump?

is the top of the closet open to the attic or is it
sealed to the plenum?
is return air below equipment in hall closet?

more info needed.

best of luck

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