Interceramic colonial wood-got it? love it?

bh401December 7, 2010

Putting the pecan color in whole downstairs in current build(this house theme-indistructable and easy maintenance). My best friends daughter has it(mahogany) and just raves over it. She has a 3 and 6 year old. I have 2 teenagers and husband who "forget"to take their shoes off and a yorkie and minidoc. Had walnut put down in old house(Carpet???ehwww!never again. Cleaned WHITE carpet for 9 years. Killed 3 carpet cleaners and no I'm not Mrs. Clean. I say again WHITE carpet. Carpet traps everything. Think it looks clean? Use a carpet cleaner and see how the suck-out water looks!)

Anyways, back on topic. Do you have it? Love it? Hate it? Issues? I do know I'll have to put workout pads down in workout room to protected it from weight lifting 14 year old 6' basketball playing son!(dropped weight bar...smashed tile...ear splitting scream from me)Need to avoid that!

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have the tile in walnut color cant keep it looking clean for an hour shows any and everything footprints shoe prints if you have a cleaner that works please let me know?

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