acoreanaSeptember 26, 2006

Have you ever completely misread a post, proceeded to hastily poste a response, and then lived to regret it?

Why is there no way to delete ur posts?!?! lol...I'm shaking my head and laughing at myself.


I really need to ban myself from this place between 9am and 5pm!

Nat (who is now bright red)

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Yes and yes! I too wish there was an edit function on this forum. Many non-THS/Garden Web forums have so many more "bells and whistles" that allow you to see the action on the thread (how many have viewed it), number of responses, add emoticons, change the color or font of the text, who's on the forum at the time, delete post, or even to just scroll over the name of the thread and read the post in a box that appears over the thread title. For example, the John Bridge Tile Forum has these sorts of user friendly features. But the minimum I'd like to see here would be an editing capacity. But then there's my mistakes: reading something so quickly or missing the subtle remarks in the original post that are so important in forming a correct reply. However, I guess all of these imperfections help us be more charitable towards one another.

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Agreed, on all counts! :-)

I was ready to bang my head on my monitor out of frustration...I too post on another forum w/ editing capabilities, and the fact that this one doesn't had me sweating today.

Thanks for commiserating!!!

Nat (who is still slightly pink)

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OK, Nat (who is still slightly pink)- you've pointed out the train wreck and made us all curious- give us directions, or at least a link!!!

Bless your heart, it can't be that bad!

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Oh my gosh!'s on the 3rd page, and I want to keep it there!!! LOL

Well, I'm sure to a casual observer it'll seem quite trivial, but to me as the poster, I felt terrible. It's not very juicy or scandalous. I responded to a poster I thought was being a bit nasty when I hastily read through it. I notice that sometimes people will, instead of answering the question posed by the OP, knock down whatever opinions others have shared at the OP's request, and in my haste I thought I had come across someone doing just that, and being mean about it to boot, so I me right for not just ignoring it to begin with ;-).

I must have some sort of weird glitch in my reading comprehension, because it takes me several readings of this particular persons posts to realize that she isn't really sounding as sarcastic(?)/judgemental(?), not sure how to put it, as my first time through. Who knows. I'll just behave myself and leave it be! That's not what I come on here for to begin with.


Here is a link that might be useful: linky to my stinky :-p

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acoreana: I know exactly what post you are talking about and it wasn't *that* bad! You apologized and elisabeth didn't take it personally. I certainly wouldn't be casting the first stone since I have also been guilty of misreading. Don't worry! Although I agree that it would be nice to have a delete button........

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Well, IIIII never make such mistakes, because moi is perfect.


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Ooh I just wrote another one. Oh well, it builds character. That makes three that I know about. Shame the devil.

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That's like me... suggesting to aptosca that the faucet handles might be able to be replaced to help the problem of them hitting the granite backsplash... the reply was

"koala_em - That is what I said in my first posting. I am going to try to replace the handles. I won't know till Monday that I can get them."

DOH! sometimes I wonder why I bother replying at all! clearly I am a bad reader and a MORON to boot!

Em : )

Note to self: resist replying to anymore posts.

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koala_em - That's ok. I hope my reply didn't sound too rude. I was feeling very frustrated at the moment with the whole granite situation. I always try to really read what I wrote in the preview but if you misread the post, which I also have done, then it doesn't really matter if your spelling and grammar is correct! ;>)

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What happened with that faucet by the way - that was such a bummer situation - I really felt for you!!

On the topic, I really try to refrain from saying anything inflamatory or jumping into the fray. I think it comes from many years of using email at work and learning to be VERY careful what you put in writing - and who you're sending it to - before you hit send.

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gibby3000 - They are back ordered for 3 weeks or more. I keep telling myself about this kitchen remodel, it will get done when it gets done! Sorry to hijack the thread.

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Gads...I have those posts that no one ever answered and they stay at the top for months. Would love to get rid of them, obviously wrong topic, or ramble of no interest. The only solution was to go in and answer my own post (talk to myself enough as it is) so it would head down the line.

At least is is nice to know I am not alone....

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