Do you use a password manager?

dedtiredAugust 6, 2014

I've been following the story about the Russians who have hacked into online sites to get personal information. According to the New York Times "A Russian crime ring has amassed the largest known collection of stolen Internet credentials, including 1.2 billion user name and password combinations and more than 500 million email addresses, security researchers say."

Security experts are recommending the use of sites that manage your passwords to avoid being hacked. Evidently these sites generate passwords for you and remember them for you. You only have to remember one master password to enter the site. Examples of the sites are Pass Safe and LastPass.

I have an awful time remembering all my passwords. Does anyone use these sites and if so, how is that working for you? I figure I have enough aggravation in my life without having my identity stolen, although perhaps if my current identity disappears I will get a new one that is more interesting!

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Despite being told by all the 'experts' that I shouldn't, I write mine down. I have them in a notebook. I would never remember them all. At this point, and bear in mind I am a techno-idiot, I would not trust a password manager any more than I would trust any company to keep everything safe and protected. I never agree to have my passwords remembered when that option pops up on my iPad-who is saving them and why couldn't someone hack into that? I know I am naive and rather stupid when it comes to such things, but there you have it.

Hopeless. I doubt anyone would really enjoy my identity right now anyway-about to spend tens of thousands on my teeth! Yikes-what a nightmare.

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I use a notebook, too. Unless someone breaks into my house and steals my notebook, then my passwords are pretty safe. That said, passwords for financial sites are not in the notebook. I remember those and have a method for changing them regularly.
I also never store my credit card information on any site except iTunes.

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I do use a free one. It does not generate pws. It just allows you to store them and have to recall a master pw.

The paid version probably generates passwords.

Before I started using it, I researched a little. Some controversy. I took the risk. I like using it.

The free version will not let you share it across devices.

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I do not - what happens when they get hacked?

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I have a free version also. An Iphone app

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My brother has used Roboform for years. He wants me to use it but I haven't yet although I think it's probably a good idea. It's well rated on CNet which I trust.

Here is a link that might be useful: Roboform

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I've also been using the paper and pencil method. I really should change all my PWs now and make them stronger. The only trouble with the p&p method is that I have to go find the darn list each time, which is a nuisance.

I also feel a little odd abut using an online password manager, simply because that means that someone, somewhere could theoretically get into my accounts.

What a nuisance!

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We have been using the same password but vary it a bit according to the name of the website. For instance, with gmail, the password is capital G plus the usual password.

It seems like even that is not good enough anymore. Unfortunately, when I am at a new site that needs a password, I often just revert to the usual method for convenience sake.

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Elraes Miller

Since this whole thing has gone on, I haven't been able to get into my email for 2 mos. which is 10 years old. They want my phone number from 10 years back to text a code and haven't a clue what it is. Even if I did know, the text would probably go to someone else who now has the number. Can't get into my account to change the phone, so what are they expecting all to do.

Also can't create a new GMail account, they ask for the same info to send a security code, then tell me I have suspicious usage. Finally went to email which is not connected to MS, which is the issue and didn't want to do...they own GMail, outlook, hotmail, MSN. None will work for me to create a new account, all hold the same information.

I've searched forever to find an answer to this whole mess. You are the first to mention this regarding personal affect, and it goes deeper than we understand.

What happens to all the old email names? Is someone else going to use mine? They can't possibly eliminate millions of email addresses and have people create millions of new ones not ever used. Well, maybe they can by requiring special characters, numbers, etc. as more are doing now for passwords.

Yes, I am now writing down my passwords. To change them every month almost means a page alone for each link to get into.

Has anyone else had problems with their email accounts?

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No, I have not had problems with gmail or yahoo. There must be a million or more abandoned email accounts out there.

What a pain that you cannot get into your email. Considering how often people change phone numbers, it seems ridiculous to use a text message to confirm an email account.

Before I started writing down my passwords, I;d have to change them every month when paying my bills, because I could not remember them. Just the thought of going in and changing every password now gives me a headache, but I think it must be done.

If it's a site that does not involve finances or purchases, I just use my standard password.

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Since humans have flaws I feel much better writing it down for my own keeping.

I changed everything, again, after I heard about this. It took quite a while with the codes and all that. I thought it used to be easier.

I had issues with gmail many years back. It kept saying I had the wrong password. I went through all the passwords it could have been at the time and none worked. I wasn't able to change the password and couldn't find any help. There was nothing important with that email account, but it was still very frustrating.

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I do all the regular household bill paying and banking and I started writing down my usernames and passwords so that DH won't be left destitute if I'm abducted by aliens some day and he can't log onto our accounts. The only ones he can ever remember are the investment accounts.

I keep my passwords in a red leather notebook that holds 3 x 5 index cards. I bought it years ago from Levenger, it was part of their Circa note system and I like the fact that I can insert new cards when the old ones have been scratched out too many times.

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Good point, maire_cate. The lawyer who wrote my will said to be sure my executor knows my passwords. He said they had had some nightmares trying to get into a deceased person's accounts without passwords. I have a file I call the Death File with all the info my son will need, including passwords.However, I don'tdo a good job of updating it as I change passwords. I suppose a password manager would be helpful in that regard. You only need to know one password and the site takes care of the rest of it. I still prefer the handwritten list method. Just make sure someone knows where to find it.

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