Tell me about your laminate kitchen floor

kimbersmomDecember 27, 2009

We currently have linoleum in our kitchen floor and want to upgrade it a bit. The general consensus of friends, relatives, and husband and myself is that tile would look best, but I hate hate hate the feel of tile underfoot.

So now we're looking at laminates. I had posted a few days ago asking about Quick Step, but we're open to any laminate that looks like tile or stone.

(Oh, and we have a labrador retriever, so we need something that can hold up to dogs.)

So if you have laminate in the kitchen, tell me what it is and what you like/dislike about it. Thanks!

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The previous owners of our house put in Wilson Art Laminate in the kitchen, it's currently 10 years old and still looks brand new. We have two dogs, kitchen messes and spills, and it seems to hold up fine, the only thing I don't like about it is that it shows water spots from the the dog's water bowls and drool. The finish is somewhat shiny.

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We are in the same boat. We have 15 yr old vinly that needs to be replaced through the kitchen, laundry room and bathroom. Since we would like to spend more on new cabinets, granite, etc. we thougt we would go with the linoluem that looked like tile, but it would cost us over 2,000 for labor and material (its not that big of an area) but they said too much waste. We cannot do tile since we are on a slab. So we are looking at the lamimate the looks like tile. But for our laundry room that has out hot water heater I think we are going to put peel and stick tiles in that area that matches the color of the floor, in case the hot water heater ever leaks it wont ruin. I am also worried though with the laminate and the clicking noise.

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We put down WilsonArt in 1997. I would not do it again though. The negatives: once because our power was out due to a hurricane our refridgerator leaked--probably the ice melted and formed a puddle on the floor. Also, our dog has peed in the kitchen and the laminate is warped where this happened--we didn't notice it fast enough. I am sure laminate has come a long way since then as far as their technology, realistic look, etc. I will most likely get tile when we redo our kitchen however.

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I'm with wineauwoman regarding Wilsonart; we put it down in 1996 and I will not do that brand again. The planks look like waves due to the peaking at seams, probably due to the glue used at that time for installation. The peaking is in both the kitchen and a hallway at the other end of the house and has been there since installation. Wilsonart just says I had a moisture problem but it's only the planks that look bad, the Wilsonart tile squares in our entry look great. I love the durability of the laminate and especially the looks of Quick step laminate. I'm concerned about real tile because of how hard people say it is to walk on. I'm torn with replacing it with either Quick step laminate or hardwood. Ours is a large area though so we're looking at 10 grand or more so I just keep procrastinating.

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Water and laminates do not mix...ever..End of Story..If water or moisture concerns you..laminates should be forgotten about.

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Thanks for all your feedback. I think husband and I may wait a couple more years and see what new products/improvements hit the market. Secretly, I'm hoping linoleum comes back into fashion! =)

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Let's see. Ours looked wonderful when first installed.

It was a higher end click fit product we got from the local cabinet/flooring shop. DH and I installed it ourselves - this was not our first laminate flooring install.

It was very easy to install, though the stuff is hard on blades.

First problem was when I dumped a half full 12 qt kettle of water - you simply can't mop something like that up "quickly" so soon the floor in front of the sink started to show lifting. Then our power was off for a while (10 days) and though we emptied out the fridge we did not realize it defrosted until there was enough water that it showed up on the floor in front of the fridge - probably 2 -3 days. Major problems in that area too.

Then when we were gutting the upstairs we were removing what was left of an old chimney and it took an unexpected bounce and a big chunk of brick headed down the stairs and on top of the laminte.

We had put up an old heavy quilt to keep the dust down and at least that helped absorb some of the impact.

At least the dent in the side of the fridge won't show once it is inset into the wall (we recessed the wall after gutting the upstairs.

So after five years we had serious bubbling from water damage and a couple of big dents/holes from the bricks, so out it all came and we decided our lifestyle is not conducive to something like that in the kitchen - though there are no more bricks upstairs to knock down LOL!

We used some of the same stuff in a big walk in closet and it looks wonderful, but it should never get wet.

BTW - we had glued floating laminate in our last kitchen and it looked great four years later when we sold the place, but the glue sealed the edges from water seepage.


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Oh my macybaby, that's quite a story! When you removed the laminate what did you replace it with?

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Oh, macybaby, I'm so sorry to hear your travails!

A few years back we had our fridge die and the ice maker leaked all over the floor. Another time, a big bottle of Poland Spring water sprung a leak and we woke up to a puddle on the floor. It seems like kitchens = water, and laminates are not a good choice. Too bad- the Quick Step Quadra is so pretty.

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I would not do laminate in the kitchen if I had it to do over.

We installed "Nirvana" laminate from Lumber Liquidators. This was certainly not a high end laminate, but it's decent quality and has held up to regular traffic fairly well. However, we put it in the kitchen, master bath, and laundry room.

An entire section of the laundry room swelled at the joints due to a few damp towels inadvertently being left on the floor. A few spots in our bathroom are starting to swell also, even though we've quite careful to clean up any moisture now and have most of the room covered in rugs. We find that we are extremely cautious (read: neurotic) about any water on our laminate in the kitchen, for fear that we'll need to redo the entire room again.

I love the look and price of the laminate, but I'd stick with linoleum if I had it to do over... or save more pennies for a quality wood floor :)

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It has been already said, but I wouldn't use laminate in an area where water can be spilled or a high humidity area.

We have just removed the laminate flooring (we have four areas of water damage) from our kitchen (the previous owner installed it) and we installed vinyl instead.

Apparently, the installers who used to install linoleum are rare to find, and it was a bit of an art to install. But the linoleum wore like iron and the colour was right through the flooring, instead of the wear layer.

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We've had our Wilsonart wood laminate classic planks for almost 6 years in our kitchen and have had no problems with warping. I have 3 DD's and they constantly drop and leave ice to melt in front of the fridge and never had a problem. I have however, had problems w/separation and expansion between the planks. We had it reinstalled by a "Wilsonart Professional Installer" who supposedly gluded the ends but we still have separation.

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May I suggest the Armstrong Alterna product??

We had it put down and it's awesome. Looks like tile but it's not. It's a glue down vinyl tile (in pieces like tile). Does not get cold like tile and it's not as hard to walk on.

Does not need grout unless you want to - grout is much more
resistant to stains than typical grout.

Our toddler beats the heck out of it and has yet to do any damage to it.

Having ripped the old tile out, I'd never do real tile again. What a mess.

Just wanted to offer it up as a potential.

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We installed WilsonArt laminate in our kitchen, dining and entry area 13 years ago and it looks brand new. Our sons were 13 and 9 at the time so they gave it some wear. We don't have dogs--but we do have cats with claws. There are a couple of very small dings where something pointed got dropped on the floor. My husband (who is not overly handy) and my brother-in-law (who is) installed it. We have had absolutely no problem with edges or warping. In fact we are thinking about expanding our entry way and we would have to redo the areas--my husband very much wants laminate again because of the great way it has stood up for 13 years.

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Linoleum is back in! We just installed Marmoleum and LOVE it. If you're not familiar with it, you should definitely check it out. It is also eco-friendly and allergen free.

Good information about marmoleum:

Marmoleum (Forbo) website:

Here's ours just after installation. We used Marmoleum Click--it was easy to install and about half the price of the tile we'd been considering.

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Mariemom2: Is your Wilsonart TILElook or woodlook planks? If it's tile, do you happen to have any pictures I could see? I am STRUGGLING with this very issue...folks strongly discouraging laminates in kitchens...The Wilsonart is pricey but the color/look I'm wanting. I'm thinking of the Wilsonart Clift Slate that is laid very close together and no grout. It's a floating floor. Someone said to me..."why don't I just get real slate?" (THAT's discouraged for kitchens too, so....?? What to do : /)

Hope you get this. Thanks so much.

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Very nice! May I ask what color you used?

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tanders--it is Shitake (Marmoleum Click). I have to say, now that we are fully using the kitchen, we LOVE this floor. And we are getting so many positive comments about it. I'm so glad that we decided to go with the Marmoleum.

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OK, this is WAY after the fact, but could help someone. I love the look of my wilsonart kitchen flooring (looks like the slate tile in our entry way) but has dented from dropping plates, bottles, knives, etc. Also, the most disturbing thing has been the horrible smell that has developed in the corner between the stove and the sink - where stuff might drip as you are transferring pots/pans, food to strain/drain. It smells like something died. No chance it is under the floor, we have an unfinished basement. The flooring next to this area doesn't smell.
I've cleaned it with everything I know of to use :-(

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bexterov8: I still check this topic for updates myself, especially about the Wilsonart slate look tile (that I seriously considered, since December, and STILL : ( haven't made a decision), so THANKS for sharing that! (does it mean you don't like it at all and don't recommend either?)

Re: the smell! Could be a dead mouse! Ewww, I know! But honestly, I've had it happen where they die somehow in the walls (like they fall down the wall cavity or something), and I have to pretty much wait it out till the stench goes away. Gross, yes. but may that's it?

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Laminate flooring scares us for the kitchen area. We are looking at some of the newer vinyl floors. Vinyl flooring seems to have changed dramatically from what we have read and been told by some flooring stores. They have a great look to them. Although they are not cheap.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vinyl flooring reviews and trends on

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Check out Flexitec vinyl flooring. We had the sheet vinyl installed over 3 years ago when remodeling our kitchen and I love it. Very easy to care for, has a slight cushion which is great for the feet and legs. Also some sound cushion too!

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This is the sheet vinyl we had installed 3 years ago. Still looks great and I love it! All it needs is either dusting or a light mopping.

Here is a link that might be useful: Facebook kitchen floor

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Peggy, who is your sheet vinyl made by? Could you repost the picture, as I can't access it?

Chipongo, your floor looks great!

We are remodeling our kitchen and the contractor said if we are going with tile, we need to install it before we put the new cabinets in, because with some tile jobs, people haven't been able to get their dishwasher out without taking the tile up. What a nightmare that would be!

We decided not to go with tile because too many people have told us we would hate it, and I have feet issues and back problems.

We thought about cork but Home Depot didn't give us a good review for cork because it damages easy and shrinks. I've read it's great to walk on, so now we're back to vinyl again...linoleum? (need to find out if those are the same?)

Now the kitchen cabinets install is on hold while we decide what to do about the flooring....looks like we are going back with vinyl.

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downsouth - To be honest I don't know who carries the flexitec as we ordered from a factory in Georgia and had it shipped. I went to a local owned flooring shop and found it and the samples but was much cheaper when I ordered on line. I ordered from this company and the website is We chose the Montana style. Also, this vinyl comes in 13.167 feet so less seams! I don't quite know how to post pictures that's why I put the facebook page on the previous post. Try cutting and pasting the following and see if it works.!/album.php?aid=67921&id=1144203032

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Peggy, you would have to make your photo album public (view by everyone) for other facebook people to see it. And people not on facebook will not be able to see it unless they register.

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I bought a sample box of pergo from Lowes and assembled in in the middle of my living room to see what happens between me and the dogs. It's been 6 months now and it always wipes clean. I left a water puddle on it overnight and now swelling at all. I think I'll be comfortable installing it in my kitchen.

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This should be a public viewing link. Let me know if it doesn't work for you.

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Does anyone have any experience with Mannington i-core II in the kitchen?

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I don't like laminate in the kichen because it is just so hollow sounding no matter what you put under it to ease that sound. It makes the kitchen loud, and cold feeling. If you want to cut costs maybe look into Amtico, or Novalis flooring that looks better than most laminates out there, which are both sold at Lowes. They are the new wave of good vynal flooring. You would never know it is vynal when you see them.

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There are tons of better options than self sticks from those guys. A.) you will get no advice on installation or anything. B.) I would hope you are not interested in having a box install..... Now there are plenty of options out a wood grain Look...Nafco...Adura...DuraPlank...Connections...are all products if installed correctly will give you big time years and are from companies that back what they sell. Plus their are many reason at times when a laminate does make sense and it is not cold compared to many products. There are some answers for the hollow sound a la 12 MM laminate with floor Muffler or felt style quiet stride...If you have floor issues laminates and other loose laid products become viable options that will keep costs under control if that is a concern. I see too many people who buy self sticks as DIY and end up with a royal disaster.

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Wow, there have been a ton of replies since I last checked! Hubby and I had decided against laminate based on feedback, but now we are indeed looking at Armstrong Alterna Vinyl Tile Floors.

echo-flooring- we would def have an expert install whatever it is we go with. Unfortunately, we cannot use a wood grain because the kitchen ajoins two other rooms with two DIFFERENT type of wood. Adding a third wood grain isn't feasible.

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did you go with the Armstrong Alterna? We are pretty sure we will use it in our kitchen. The ajdoining dining room has red oak and our living room right next to it is brazilian cherry. So I understand about not wanting another type of wood floor!

We just need to decide on a color....waiting for our cabinets to come in so we can look at them both together. Do you have any pictures of it?

I haven't seen much on Alterna out yours grouted? Is it easy to clean? Do people think it's real ceramic? (we have ceramic right now and I don't care for it....) thanks for any information!

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My kitchen floor has many rugs... I have bought so many discount rugs on a very nice rugs store.. So I have placed many on my kitchen floor..

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Food for thought:

Here is a link that might be useful: link to floor discussion in kitchen forum

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Please see my videos at Youtube
There are 9, with more to come, about my Armstrong Laminate problems

Here is a link that might be useful: Noisy Armstrong Grand Illusions laminate flooring

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Traditionally, kitchens are wet areas, and although the better glued laminates allow for moisture and water mitigation by sealing raw/cut edges, in my humble opinion, laminates/woods belong no where near a bathroom, kitchen, or recreational bar/water/utility area.

Ceramic, stone, or resilient flooring is best for those areas. I prefer resilient sheet vinyl or linoleum.

25 or so years ago, I installed, at the time Armstrong's highest quality residential flooring, Designer Solarian inlaid resilient sheet vinyl in our kitchen, bathrooms, and behind the bar and laundry room in the basement. To this day those floors are enjoying a good life with no problems other than a minor amount of wear layer abrasion (scuffs and tiny scratches) typical in resilients. Over 25 years and still counting for one flooring purchase. That is value.

Flooring is an investment when purchasing top of the line products. Most often you are making a more economical choice for the life of your home because your maintenance and replacement costs are much lower as you will be replacing them MUCH less frequently.

They feel better, look better, and last longer.

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@ kimbersmom....

I re-did the floors on the home I am renting because they had this ugly linelium that the previous tenant did not quite take care of and well, I just love my floor!!! It has been a year since I layed the tiles, they are self-stick and NOT ONE has lifted. Oh, I have two black labs and not one scrath! I totally love my kitchen floor!!!

I used the Novalis Gunstock tile available in my local Lowes.
Hope you find what you are looking for!

Here is a link that might be useful: My Original Post on Novalis Peel and Stick Tile

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