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ganoobrtSeptember 11, 2013

I am writing a review of my recent experience with Cliq Studios. I just wanted to warn people to do their homework before buying kitchen cabinets online. If I had to do it all over again, I would have ordered them from Lowe's or Home Depot. I think the prices are comparable and I would have paid to have them installed. I know they would stand behind their products and any issues would be dealt with locally instead of having to be shipped.
We installed the cabinets ourselves & have had issue after issue. We are not new to home improvements, have been doing them for 23 years but this has been a thorn in our side. First off..don't be fooled by their website. It is very nice and their reviews are very good on their website but I somehow doubt that they post any negative reviews they may have received. I ordered the white Dayton cabinets. Here are some things to consider. The finish on these cabinets are something between flat and eggshell. I have tested on sample piece after I purchased them and started having issues ( I wish I had tested them before I purchased) I have noticed that mustard will definitely soak into the cabinets & permanently stain as well as oily things. They are not so easy to clean. Do not use magic erasers as they will scratch the surface. If you do decide to use Cliq Studios, communicate via email on major decisions you make. I didn't think anything of phone conversations and decisions that were made over the phone. When you make decisions on the phone with your designer, then there is no documentation. If you try to tell them that you said you wanted something, they will just tell you that you signed off on the order and should have reviewed your order sheet more carefully. Not very good stall instructions on fillers and crown molding. We ended up having to modify and create our own molding because what they sent looked horrible. I lost out on $400. They charge a 25% restocking fee and you have to pay for shipping. Just be aware and order locally if you can. I hope they hold up well....we shall see.

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So sorry for your terrible experience. We all try so hard to make the right decisions on these really expensive things. It's frustrating and infuriating when things go so wrong. It's nice of you to warn others. You might want to post the same thing over on the Discussions side, since it gets a lot more traffic.

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I'm considering using Cliq for a kitchen redo. After reading some posting on finish quality, I decided to do a semi-scientific test. I am an engineer so I could not help myself. I have a door sample that I recently received from Cliq for the Dayton : Painted White finish. I smeared it with mustard, soy sauce, salsa, basamic vinegar, and olive oil, let them sit a few minutes, then rubbed them in with my finger. I then tried to clean the sample door with a wet soapy dishcloth. Everything came perfectly clean except the spot where the mustard was. So, I got a slightly used magic eraser from my wife's cleaning supplies and gently tried to remove the mustard stain. After only a few strokes of light scrubbing (maybe 10 or less passes) the stain was completely gone. I could not notice any appreciable degradation to the finish. Then I thought, how much abuse can this finish take? So, I scrubbed the same area with the magic eraser over and over. I applied moderate to heavy pressure - much more than I used when I removed the mustard stain. The picture shows the results. However, I don't think it is so bad because I had to scrub 275 strokes to get that that point. That's 275 up and back so really more like 550 passes of the magic eraser. Consider normal daily cleaning and the probability that you would ever have to scrub the same exact area of any door that much over the many years you plan to have the kitchen. And, all the other gunk wiped clean with just a wet dishcloth and some dish soap which would NOT really cause any appreciable distress to the finish like the magic eraser might. I think most painted cabinet finishes would probably distress after this much abusive scrubbing. For me, I think this finish passed my test. :)

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Sophie Wheeler

Just registered to post that positive review huh? Net browsers aren't that stupid.

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hollysprings - Which of these reviews do you think is bogus? I am looking at purchasing cabinets from here!


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I know this is an old thread. Considering ordering cabinets from Cliq Studios. Anyone have any updates on their experience. My friend ordered them and she said they are nice and if she had any issues they have cleared it up right away. Any opinions out there?

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