Please help me with a curse on my house

celticmoonSeptember 27, 2007

I surrender. I give up. This house has a curse. I've said it for years. It is half funny but I just can't take it anymore.

It is a water curse.

Anything having to do with water fails in this 1989 house. We have been here 8 years and so far we've faced: complete gutter system failure/replacemnt, dead water heater, dead washer, bad new washer install, sidewalk mudjacking, kitchen faucet shooting water, jetted bathtub raining into basement, cranky dishwahers, sump pump failure, basement floor drain backups, slippery-when-wet porch tile job, countless little leaks in faucets, pipes and drains now and then, and oh yeah, the big ticket: a complete rebuild of 2 central skylite domed towers and rpair of all the interior water damage. There is probably more I am repressing. It just seems relentless. And always WATER related.

Today the water softener repair guy finally came out for a repair - yay, no more sopping up that water three times a day in the basement. But no sooner had he left and I'm there racing to ready for belly dancing class (quit laughing, I'm trying to make peace with my menopausal pelvis), when a toilet starts spewing water.

I will likely fix the toilet tomorrow. Again. I can fix all kinds of minor plumbing events, LOL. But I'm tired of it. BTW we badly need to remodel a bathroom, but it kinda scares me.

Tonight I am asking for suggestions on removing the curse. A Native American friend did a smudging with sweetgrass. Nothing. I'm thinking maybe feng shui? I could have a priest I know over for dinner again, but it might offend him to ask for an exorcism.

Maybe I'm thinking crazy and this is just normal maintenance stuff. 18 year old house, planned obsolescence and all. But why only the water stuff? Doesn't it sound like a curse? Or one serious chi issue. Or something.


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Does your house have a personal relationship with the Lord?

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Celtic -
We, too, have had major water issues -- not just with our current home, but in all five houses we've lived in. I've got a litany of our own, could write as much as you did in your post. I just live with my fingers crossed (lapsed Catholic that I am). I mean, ya can't plan for most of that stuff. Frustrating, isn't it? To say nothing of a PITA.

Like the baby bib says, Spit Happens.

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I started this thread yesterday. I fear it p o'd the sprites or demons or leprochauns or whatever is responsible.

Was caught in a blinding rainstorm out of nowhere late yesterday (sunny forecast). Today the garden hose spigot attacked me and the water heater is now leaking/dying. Again.

Sigh. I'm having Stephen King thoughts...

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Found and fixed leak under kitchen sink today.

This is getting old.

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WOW - I thought I had problems with a few roof leaks, a couple windows and a faucet and toilet here and there. Nothing compared with what you describe Celtic.....yikes...

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"CELTIC"MOON, I am persuaded that you already 'know in your knower' that you are in a fight against a force you cannot identify, nor understand...yet know "know in your knower" it is spiritual.

All through Scripture, Old Testament and the New Testament, it talks of Blessings and Curses...and binding and loosing Evil forces. We choose to be blessed or cursed by what we say and speak. If we speak curses, it is like an open invitation for Evil forces to permeate our lives and set up camp to attack us. You need to become spiritually aware of this evil (we all do) and specifically and spiritually fight this force that is dominating/targeting your home.

Evil can present itself in people, places, and things (objects).

I do believe your home very well may may have many active demons 'assigned' to it. When there are so many "things" that seem to happen continuously with the compass bent towards a 'dominion'... as you are suggesting, then you should look at this with spiritual eyes.

As a Christian, we call this being 'under attack'. Attack from 'whom or what'? From forces that bring Evil into our lives. We know that Evil comes to 'kill, steal, and destroy'. When those evidences are present, then we do have to fight. This fight is what is called spiritual warfare and it's serious business.

Ephesians 6:10~19 in the New Testament explains, in a broad sense, what we are fighting and how to fight...and it is with prayer. Specific prayer.

Other people can pray for you, but you would be far better served if you believed, too, and fought this fight of faith with other believers. You've got the right idea and perception on what to do, it is just 'to whom' do you turn to to help you really fight and how? A priest? A pastor? Better yet, learn to fight this fight yourself.

I once had a Volkswagon Vanagon van. Bought Brand new from a dealer. There were over 35 things wrong with the van and it was NEVER fixed while I owned it those five months. They even sent a expert rep from Volkswagon to Alabama to try see what he could do. What was majorly wrong with the van? The lights would not work inside or out and the van's locks would sometimes lock us in or out of the van with no recourse. It was bizarre. At one point, the Rep said, "This car acts possessed." That statement pricked my spirit and led me to learn more. There was a reason I went through all of 'that'. I learned what He was calling me to learn.

During that ordeal, we had just adopted a baby at the time and my husband was going overseas for a year. I didn't even know how to 'fight' in prayer at the time. BUT I was praying. My prayers were, "Lord, please let them buy this vehicle back so I don't lose any money." :) They did.

BTW: The dealership sold that same vehicle shortly thereafter and the new owner was a client of mine. She came to me and said, "I think this van is possessed...." It was then that I told here our story.

You are spiritually sensitive, now it's just learning how to fight those forces. There are a lot of people that don't know how or believe. It's not for the faint of heart.

By the way, when I did learn about how to fight...I was led to a book called, "Possessing the Gates of the Enemy", by Cindy Jacobs.

There is no other name on earth stronger or more powerful than the name of Jesus. Every knee on earth will one day bow and demons flee & fly when those with authority command them leave in His name.

There's only one way to possess that authority. It's to ask Him into your life. If you would like to know more, I will continue this conversation off-line.

I would love to see your curses be cast off in His name and you blessed immensely.


PS Christianity is a way of life for those that choose to 'work' at it. It's not just Sunday morning business. It's real work. Please just take five minutes to read the following link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Part of Cindy's book to give you an idea of what it will take to 'loose' this stronghold over your home.

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sherilynn, what exactly do you mean; be positive and pray ? I agree with that.

Water is a homeowner's worst enemy; I too battled many water problems, one by one; now I've fixed everything.

A feng shui expert told me my house was "crying"; the former owner perhaps ?
she should have been laughing all the way to the bank lol.

good luck in fixing your water works !! I have a 18 year old toilet to replace, it's crying also.

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Sherilynn mentioned a van, that reminded me of a POS car I owned a long time ago. Every time I washed it, it would break down. It sensed my weakness. You have to show this house who's boss. I'd start with not doing the dishes that are in the sink right now. Then go outside, get a hand full of dirt, and sprinkle it around, vowing to never vacuum again.

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Bob411, LOL, I like your thinking! I'm also leaving that laundry right where it is. TAKE THAT, YOU WATER SPRITES! HA!

Sheri, on a more serious note, I am touched that you would take the time to write and make such a kind offer to help. Believe me, things in my life have tested my faith profoundly and this water problem is a mere annoyance by comparison. Be assured I know my path just as you sound as you have found yours. I am happy for you on that, and thank you sincerely for caring.

We do all seem in agreement that there may be a bad energy of some sort at work here**************WHOA!! Exactly as I typed the words 'bad energy of some sort at work here" I could hear the sump pump pumping out water outside the open window where I am sitting. But it hasn't rained here in a couple days!!!! What is that all about?? Giving myself the creeps here.

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Celticmoon, do you have REALLY high water pressure in your neighborhood? Could this be a factor in your water issues?

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Not really pecanpie. And that wouldn't really account for the drains, gutters, skylights...

Nothing today really, except that blinding rain on the freeway for a bit this morning that had me a little nervous.

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Wow, celticmoon, sorry to hear about your domestic Waterworld. If you feel your house is cursed, maybe some Sicilian witchcraft is in order. Buy a new broom and sweep your house clean; this is supposed to sweep away the evil spirits. Then, sprinkle salt into the four corners of your house to purify it. (This was my grandmother's technique.)

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Thanks Jerzee girl. I'm gonna give that a go. Salt and a broom is cheaper than a shaman or a feng shui practitioner.

Today the water sprites are quiet again, but a newly installed light bulb just blew. Twice. Hmmmm.

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Ever see the movie Practical Magic where the witches have the neighbors over for an I-don't-know-what-to-call-it? Great scene that turned into a fabulous party.

That's what you need - A GardenWeb house-blessing purifying water-sprite-banishment ceremony/party!

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Hi Celticmoon, I've also had my share of water problems, and on a new-construction house too. Let's see if I can remember what all went wrong. Nail in pipe to the master shower, resulting in gallons of water soaking brand new carpet. Required ripping out drywall and fixing the plumbing. Kinked pipe where it came up from the slab, causing slow leak. Plumbers initially thought it was a badly seated toilet. Required ripping out hardwood, cabinets, drywall, and framing, and re-routing the pipe through the attic. Washing machine drain hose popped out, causing a minor flood. There was actually a drain pipe in the floor for emergencies, but the plumbers had left the pipe just a smidgen higher than the tile, so the water flowed around it and into the house. A few months later the machine sprung another leak, causing another minor flood (that was when I discovered the drain pipe was too high).

Five leaking french doors. Leaking irrigation system flooding the yard. Leaking plumbing fixtures outside the house. Leaking overflow valve for the fire sprinkler system. Ironically, the only thing that never leaked was the pool.

It was all so comical I started a little diary to keep track, which I posted on a couple forums, did you ever read it?

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Yes, chiefneil, I've read some of your saga. Just tell me: did it end happily or is it still ongoing?

Quiet here a couple days, then today more water in the basement. Streaming out above (and into) the furnace, seems to be coming from the AC which we fired up today.

Huh. I hadn't even viewed the HVAC system as a potential water problem area.... ugh. This could be pricey.

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Celticmoon, everything did eventually settle down. Got a new washer/dryer, found a competent door repair guy, etc. Your problem might not be major - A/C units have a drain pan to catch condensation, and a pipe runs from the pan to outside the house to drain it off. It's possible that the pan or pipe is simply clogged with debris and overflowing. Just send DH up to have a look and see what's going on.

Oh, there are typically two drains for the a/c on the outside of the house. There'll be a low one around ankle-height, which is the one where the condensation should be dripping from. There's a second higher one, above head height, that only comes into play when the main one is clogged. If you go look for them outside they might give you a clue as to what's going on.

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Thanks Chief!

I will explore the drains. The AC unit itself is outside at ground level. The water was downstairs streaming out of a little hole above the basement furnace where the A/C ties in. Just above a hose that I guess should be, but maybe isn't, draining. And there is another outlet hose ankle high as well.

I'm calling the HVAC guys tomorrow. Not sure what damage there may be from the water running down into the furnace for however long. Furnace is overdue for a check up anyway...

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ChiefNeil, a followup to let you know you were exactly right on the blocked AC condensation tube. Pleased to have learned how to remove and clean out the tubing end. (bad news is the furnace has a year ot two left..)

Since you are on a roll, any thoughts on the overall water issue. A chant or offering perhaps?

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Burn a bundle of sage leaves. Purifies the house, may drive out your unwelcome water sprite. Only half kidding.

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Well, in the beginning, it did rain for 40 days and 40 nights~your rain is just in the form of leaks. Maybe you're closer to God and don't realize it. LOL ;o)

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Find the original plumber & offer him as a human sacrifice to the water gods! It can't hurt - well, the plumber might not agree.

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I came here looking to see if anyone has a water issue and hey i found it.

I don't have a house but i rent an apartment that i have had for 19 years.

i never have issues with my home ONLY after my ex and i go through one of our separation things.

i know that she's into that voodoo stuff. I think that she has placed some kind of jinx on my home until i except her back into my life.

i have water coming from every direction. from the toilets, dishwasher wont drain kitchen sink clogged. bathroom sink clogged causing floods, major accidental spills that cause leaks to go down to the apartment below me.

its just never ending.

I don't talk about this to anyone except one person in fear of looking really out there, lol. but this is what i think.

you got to stay positive, don't let this get to you. take one leak at a time and yes pray. i like to pray to saint Micheal. he's the angel to protect you and you family and home etc...

I wont be beaten. it will pass.

hugs and keep you chin up.

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Well maybe your house is atop a burial ground of a respected ole time Dowser. So, here's what you need to exorcist its power away from your home by bending a metal angled rod to the left (the opposite direction) while at the same time burning a forked twig from a witch hazel tree. Lol, sorry! I have lived in houses where it was always one thing after another. It does seem like a curse sometimes.

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I wonder if your house had my plumber -- or at least a cousin. Hope things have calmed down for you, but I understand the feeling of one thing after another and fearing what's next.

Had I known ten years ago what I know now, I would have pulled all the sheetrock in my house and run new plumbing. But that still wouldn't have found or fixed the section of main drain line that was under the slab -- neither end of it secured to anything. Just lying there. Leaking. Filling in with dirt. Waiting to back up sewage into our bathtub and shower. Just managed to stop it before it ran onto the floor and into our carpeted closet. Was apparently left that way by the original plumber and took nearly 19 years to create a blockage that couldn't be cleared by more conventional methods and led us to ripping out cabinets and jack hammering the slab to find it.

This summer, several years later, I walked into our bedroom and heard water running in the bathroom. But DH was sleeping in the bed. I turned on the light and saw sewage coming from the ceiling. Fortunately, it fell mostly into my tub. My brother was in town, so the next morning, we started ripping out sheetrock and discovered that the plumber had run the water heater overflow into the main drain line by installing a T junction just past the toilet -- where any paper or solids could catch and create clogs -- then backing up into the water heater pan. The toilet had clogged and my DB and SIL had plunged it. The pressure caused the muck to come out through the junctions in the pipe and through my ceiling. We also found a leak at the upstairs tub drain while we had the ceiling open.

When we did our kitchen, we knew we had a leak in the wall behind my pantry and had turned off the water at the sink above until we ripped things out to fix it. While we had that wall and the ceiling open, we found 3 or 4 more "minor" leaks waiting to create major problems.

I am not considering the expense of installing tankless water heaters so I don't have a tank to flood. Won't eliminate all the issues, but I still like the idea. My water heaters are 10 years old, so the time is coming to replace anyway. Might as well invest in staying here. The sales disclosures will require us to list all these things and I'm afraid no one would ever buy the house.

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