Question about recoating floors instead of refinishing

sis2twoDecember 25, 2012

We have heart pine floors that were installed and finished with Bona finish approximately 12 years ago. Our floors are in good shape but in our kitchen we would like to have them recoated with finish because of superficial scratches in the finish. My question is can they be simply recoated without having to do the entire downstairs since the boards run into the adjoining rooms? We were told that in order to refinish the floors down the road, that they would all need to be done because of the way the boards run. I would love to just have the kitchen ones recoated because they could use it. Thanks so much.

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If you know the type of Bona finish originally used and the gloss level, I don't see much of a problem recoating just your kitchen area. We have tricks we use to disguise where we stop the finish in situations such as yours. Most times what we do is feather the finish in the doorway and that usually works. You might at first notice the difference in surface finsh, but the feathering does a very good job of transitioning the rooms.

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glennsfc- Thank you so much for your reply. I am glad to hear that. You wouldn't happen to live in the Shenandoah Valley would you?

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Sis2two - You can also recoat by masking off the boards that don't extend into the kitchen. It makes an irregular edge and the changes are all on the seams of the boards. It's almost impossible to tell where the recoat ends.

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