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docmarkMarch 29, 2012

I bought a two story 2400 square feet house in Rochester, PA that still has the old natural gas boiler in the basement but the baseboard radiators have been stripped out. I don't want a hot water system but not sure what the best answer is. I thought maybe two furnaces, one in attic for upstairs and one in basement for first floor. I have installed a replacement furnace before but don't know how to deal with this. Maybe I need an HVAC consultant? How do I find one?

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If the baseboard radiators have been removed, then how is the house heated?

If you don't want a hot water system, then the option is a forced air system which can also be integrated with AC cooling. This means running new duct work for both floors. It easier to run duct work from the attic for the second floor which would mean a second furnace.

You need to find an HVAC contractor who can take on a project of this size. I would first ask neighbors for recommendations. You could also go to the major brands web sites (Trane/American Standard, Carrier/Bryant, Rheem/Rudd) and look for authorized dealers in your area. You need to find someone who is very good on installation of a new system.

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Like above post, I am interested in how you heat since baseboard radiators have been removed.

If this was my home, I would weigh re-installing radiators with a new high eff boiler. Then I would add a high eff 15 SEER heat pump with var speed air handler.

I would definitely get an HVAC pro involved maybe even a consultant familiar with both boiler/radiator heat as well as forced air so you have an idea of your range of options including hot water from the boiler.

What is cost of nat gas and electric for your location?


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