painting unfinished flooring?

euglossaDecember 15, 2010

My sister has turned me on this beautiful painted hardwood flooring for my weaving loft. It is way out of my budget for the space, so I want to explore the possibility of DIY.

You can still see the grain through this paint or stain.

Can bamboo flooring be stained or painted like this? What other wood would be a good choice to try? Would it be best to do it before installation or after?

And would I really save much money doing it myself? The cost of the flooring, not including installation is $12/foot. I'd rather spend $5/foot at most.

If it seems plausible I would try to buy a small sample and do some tests before committing to the entire floor.

I really wish she hadn't shown me this stuff!

Here is a link that might be useful: green painted floor

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You can get that look by staining it with an aniline dye, or by using the dye to tint a clear varnish. If you dissolve the dye in alcohol you get a dye that won't raise the grain.

A relatively cheap way of getting this look would be to use birch plywood cut into 4x4 pieces, stain it, screw it down in alternating grain blocks, and give it a few coats of non-yellowing floor varnish.

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thanks for the link.

I'm interested in the plywood idea. Do you mean 4 by 4 inch or foot? The room is only 8 feet wide, I wonder how 4 by 8 foot sheets laid side to side would look?

How would you hide the screws, or at least make them so they don't work up and snag bare feet?


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What's on the floor now? Also, if you used alcohol based analine dye, you would have to spray it on. Otherwise, it dries so fast, you would get streaks and overlap. Your idea about unfinished bamboo is a good one. You can get free samples sent to you by flooring dealers on the web. If you want to know if you can do it yourself, a good investment would be a book on how to lay hardwood floors. You can get them at a home center or order one on the web. Waterbased analine dye, applied with a spray bottle then wiped with a rag would be your best bet. Dye before installing. Plywood would not make good flooring.

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