Anyone from Kansas City, MO area?

gibby2015August 15, 2008

DH is being recruited for a job there. We hadn't really been thinking about relocating and I doubt we will but we don't have much keeping us in MN - other than we kind of like it here. DH doesn't really like his job though - and I want him to find the right thing because I would like to retire to some less demanding job (or no job for that matter) than the one I have. And I need him to be job stable and happy for that to happen. If it takes relocating to do that I'd seriously consider it. Bad timing with all the real estate problems and I have to say Kansas/Missouri isn't a place I ever thought about moving to but I'm investigating none the less. So does anyone live there? This job is in the "northland" area - Liberty to be specific. From some things I've read that is a good area - good schools though that's not a priority other than for desirability of the real estate when it comes to selling.

I've looked at some of the real estate online - not a lot of trees and lakes down there. Is there any kind of rolling wooded area up that way? Or is it mostly flat, open space for as far as the eye can see with house after house that all look the same? It made me realize I've taken for granted living in a custom home that isn't like any one else's - a situation I may not be able to replicate if I move. I haven't taken living in the woods for granted however.

Anyway, if anyone has any insight I would love to hear.

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Gibby, I live on the KS side of Kansas City. I like Liberty in that it has a small town feeling about it. Missouri has some wooded areas, along with some hills, and is a little more like you're describing than what's on the Kansas side, which tends to be more flat. You'd have to look around, but I think it's a buyer's market right now and you might have better luck finding housing than you think. I don't think you can really know until you get out and look around, but for the midwest, I've always believed KC is a well-known secret as far as good places to live. If you come this way, please let me know, as I'd love to meet you!

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I'm from the Omaha area - 3 hours to the north. We travel to KC at least 1-2 year. There are awesome lakes just 2 hours south - lake of the ozarks. Beautiful country.

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Gibby, don't go away and just leaving us hanging! Did you make any decisions one way or the other?

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No decision yet - it's still a possibility - they're in the reference checking stage. Ironically I was talking to someone I work with who relocated to KC a few years ago - asking more about where she lives. She lives in Liberty!! And another person I work with is thinking about relocating to KC - family from there. Of course I haven't talked to these people much as I would not want anyone thinking I'm leaving if I'm not. After my day today it couldn't happen fast enough - if it meant getting out of this rat race.

I also posted something on the buying/selling houses forum. The idea of all that is a little disconcerting - more the buying than selling. I'd hate to buy, decide not to stay there long term, and then be stuck with a house I paid too much for. I'm thankful not to be in that situation now and really don't want to get in that predicament. I'd also be relucatant to rush into selling/buying until I was somewhat sure the whole job situation was going to work out. You know how you never know what you're really getting into until you're in it.

I've been looking at the real estate listings - I found a few places with trees. Lakes and water are scarce though I saw a few bodies of water - nothing like the land of 10,000 lakes though. We have a lake cabin in MN which we would keep - and if "retired" I would probably spend a good part of the summer there.

It's interesting to hypothesize about the change - I think I'm ready for one.

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Most of the nice, big hills are in Southern MO, the Ozarks. You'll find some north of the Missouri River in the KC area. KC, itself, has some nice hills but not a lot of room for forests in Mid-Town :)

There are still places in the outlying areas that aren't overly developed. You'll find more forest/hilly spots on the MO side, since KS is truly a plains state.

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