Tipping the Hairdresser who does hair in her home

mary_228August 28, 2006

I got my hair cut and colored today in a hairdresser's salon area in her basement. The price was $95, about the same as what I'd pay in the salon I usually use.

My mother always told me that you don't tip the owner of a salon because they obviously get the whole fee. While I imagine they like tips as much as the next person, I think there is probably some truth in her rationale.

Would you tip in this situation?

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Mary, I would not. However, every so often I would bring her something- a jar of homemade soup or fresh bread- for instance.

Just my take on it.

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I pay 55 bucks for cut and color.

DD lives in Chicago and pays over 100. for the same thing. So, she gets her hair done at home when she visits.

I tip my gal 3 bucks--She owns the shop. But, her prices are so cheap that I don't mind.

How much do you all pay for a pedicure?

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I tip 15% no matter who cuts it (owner or employee). It seems awkward otherwise. Plus she needs to tip out to the person who does the wash. I used to pay $90 for a cut, but the new place I go is less, $45 I think?. No color.

I pay $40 for a pedicure, plus tip (sometimes 20%, depending on how bad the tootsies are).

This is Boston.

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Mary, does she have someone do the wash? If so then I would tip the helper.

Pedicure- $25 plus a 20% tip.

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My hairdresser owns the shop and charges me $32.00 for a wash, cut and (sometimes) blow dry...I don't like blow-drying unless it's frigid out and my hair would otherwise freeze ;o) I always give her a tip ($6.00), because she's an absloute doll, takes her time, is extremely attentive, and does not take phone calls or succumbs to distractions while she's with me. And that's a biggie for me...my old hairdresser would do everything but pay attention....talked on the phone, talked non-stop to other customers while I was in the chair, etc. Good service rates in my book ;o)

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There was noone to do the wash. She had also scheduled another client whose color she applied while mine was processing. It was a little awkward to have someone else in the tiny space because conversations had to be shared since they could obviously be overheard. So I guess, given the setting, I would have liked a better price. Be that as it may, I just wondered what is generally done in this situation.

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Since she is the "shop" owner, it's not necessary to tip her. And, since she works out of her home, not only is she not paying employees, but she doesn't have rent or additional utilities to pay. That said, however, I know that a more generous tipper is often treated better. She probably isn't expecting a huge tip, but would appreciate at least a small one...The idea of bringing her home made pickles or fresh baked bread is a nice one...

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