Porcelain Tile shattered into 5 big pieces!

susanlynn2012December 1, 2011

Porcelain Tile shattered into 5 big pieces!

I have had these tiles for 2 months trying to find an installer to install them. It has taken me so long since I had decided to change the cabinets or paint the cabinets first since I do not like the way they look with my 21 year old builder grade cabinets. I fell in love with the tiles in my neighbors house but I was shocked they did not look the same. I finally found an installer I liked that can start at the end of December and to install the tiles.

Now this is the situation: I had a foot long 1/2" thick and 5" wide 1/8th real wood BR-111 Brazilian Cherry floor plank lying on the counter since earlier I was trying to see if the white painted board or the wood would look better on my cabinets. I had the tiles spread out on the floor with one tile next to the cabinet. my friend's arm hit the wood piece and it came crashing down the height of the counter to the floor The tile is just sitting on a Linoleum floor not secured down but seemed level.

This is scaring me to install tiles that chip so easily from pushing them next to each other and then shatter so easily! I have dropped many thing on my porcelain tiles in the foyer areas and they never cracked and before the 12.4 X 12.4 Akoya Bone tiles were installed in the foyer areas at the end of 2008, I had them all over the floor and walked on them and dropped things and pushed them together and they never chipped or cracked.

The tiles I have now in the kitchen not installed are 4 rated Ilva Porcelain tiles that measure 17.25 17.25" despite saying 18 X 18.

Is this normal for a Porcelain Tile to shatter into pieces if something less hard is dropped on it 36" above the tile since it slipped off the counter?

The tiles had been discontinued and I was told not returnable but I am scared to install anything so fragile and I called the company to let them know last night at slightly past 5 PM and the manager is going to talk to the owner. I had the witness sign off what she saw since she was shocked also.

What would happen if something slid on the floor one day and the tiles were installed? Shouldn't a 5 rated Porcelain Tile not shatter? Would not having the tile installed yet on the thinset affect things if it is on top of the Linoleum? Should the tile stop chipping on the edges once it is installed?

I will cross post this to the kitchen forum also in case someone has a tile floor that has dropped a plate on the floor or a piece of wood on the floor.

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Tile is hard, but fragile, until its secured to the substrate by modified thinset mortar, and a backer board, membrane, or mud bed. After they are properly installed, it will not chip, crack, or break easily. That said, no flooring product is indestructible against abuse. A properly installed porcelain (hard) tile floor is one of the most sturdy floors you can get.

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Thank you floorman67 for your reply that makes me feel better.

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