Advice to fix final poly coat on hardwood floors--buff/recoat

babesDecember 1, 2011

Hi All,

Everything was going fine until the final polyurethane coat on my oak floors. I have small little chunks of urethane in the most visible area of the floor. They look like a bunch of pimples (I was hoping they were bubbles during the application--big mistake). The poly was fresh, so I am pretty certain the chunks came from urethane drying in applicator (new applicator). I am so frustrated because I have done the rest of my floors in the past without problems in the final coat. I used semi-gloss oil-modified poly. The finish also ended up too shiny (satin was too dull).

I have done some searching and it looks as if I probably need to buff and recoat. I tried samples to see if I could just finely sand or rub out the top layer, but it doesn't look right. Can anyone give me advice on the following?:

1. How do I go about buffing and recoating if I do not want to make the current poly layer any thicker than it is? Is it possible to knock-down the last layer a bit without leaving any unwanted marks or uneveness?

2. Should I use a random orbital finisher for screening, then a buffer for the rest for finer grits above 120? I am presuming that I use at least a 220 grit as I would for in between coats.

3. Is a buffer the same piece of equipment as a polisher? What pads would I use? My local rental place carries 13" and 17" polishers with white/green/black pads but no fine grit paper (I know nothing about buffing machines)

4. Is it a good idea to thin my last coat of urethane in this case? If so, what %?

5. Can I mix semi-gloss with satin of the same brand/formulation to get a sheen that is between the two?

6. Is it o.k. that I waited so long (it will be one week) to buff and recoat?

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Any advice would be appreciated!

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Boy, I can't help you with most of those questions, but as for #5: I would suggest you call the manufacturer. They're the only ones who really would know the answer to that question, especially since it could easily be "yes" for one brand and "no" for another.

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Thanks snarke for your advice--sorry for the late reply! We decided to hold off on recoating for now since I did not feel comfortable going forward without more information. I will definitely find out from the manufactuer about mixing the sheens.

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