KIA ...corn and corn cobs !

trailrunnerbikerAugust 17, 2008

A friend grows vegetables for DS1's restaurant. When I was working last night he brought a beautiful centerpiece of vegs from his garden . He also plays slide guitar for us..what a treat in all ways. Here is what I made from the produce.

scrape from the cob:

boil the cobs with seasoning:

after boiling:

additions :

corn chowder:

thickening for chowder:

Corn and pasta Salad ( "black tomatoes and peppers" from friend's garden ):


Camembert from the GreenMarket in NYC and DH's Semolina Bread ( and DH! ):

Corn Chowder with fresh Basil Chiffonade:

DH and Corn Chowder:

Pasta salad and DH's Semolina Sesame Bread (ala Sullivan's Bakery)

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Ah - you're killing me! This is so gorgeous.

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Lordy, I can't take it! I can't take it!

I'm not opening anymore of tr's threads!


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That sure as hell beats my Lebanon Bologna sandwich with Cheetos on the side. Yum! Please post the recipes for the Corn Chowder and the Pasta. On Tuesday, I'm heading for the farmer's market and I know what I'm having for dinner Tuesday night. Thanks for posting!

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Oh come on you guys ! You know you are having visions....I am just photoshopping this :)

raynag: you and sheila and the rest of the NYC group are sure bets to get this !

Message to Francy: that chef son of mine was an eater of mac and cheese from a box in highschool only as a rebellion . Before that he ate whatever DH and I put in front of him. He was opening his mouth like a little bird every meal. Gourmet stirfry every night and all the baked goods a kid and his friends could hold ! You keep putting great stuff in front of them and they won't eat anything else. Trust me he cringes now at anything but the best :)

Take the kernals off of 3c worth of corn. Boil the cobs in 5c water, bay leaf, celery stalk and leaves , salt , pepper, small amount of onion chopped up and a couple cloves garlic. Simmer 1 hr. Strain and save liquid.

Saute 1 chopped onion, 2 cloves garlic in EEVO till translucent. Add 2 1/2 c. cut up red new potatoes 1 stalk celery chopped, 3c of corn cob stock , all of cut off corn and 1 red bell pepper chopped. Simmer till potaote soft...about 10-15 min. Take out 2c of soup and puree with 1 1/2c milk in blender. Add back to chowder. Add 4 oz cream cheese. Stir and add seasoning. I added a bunch of fresh thyme leaves and juice of 1/2 lemon. Serve hot with a chiffonade of fresh basil or herb to taste. It is great with fresh dill too. Lends itself to other cheeses too, meunster, gruyere or cheddar. Adapted from several recipes in Moosewood cookbooks.

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trailrunner, how lovely. Thank you.

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It looks so awesome...I know it tastes the same! Thanks!

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Oh my god trailrunner! Those dishes look so insanely delicious, and I could actually eat them (as they're vegetarian). Man and damn!

So is this why you're a trail runner, so you can eat all this glorious food? I'm feeling about the size of a house, probably because my dinner tonight was (too many) blondies I shoved full of butterscotch and chocolate chips. (My four year-old and I made them yesterday -- it was 50 degrees and raining, in August!, so it felt fun to bake something warm and gooey.) And now I have heartburn (the chocolate), but it was worth it.

Francy, my four year-old's current favorite meal is rotini with peas, carrots & corn in lemon butter. He doesn't like "the icky stuff" his father puts in. (His daddy recently made the most beautiful miso tofu sauce with onions and oh my god I'm salivating thinking of it! But my son hated the onions. Nut.)

My two year-old has two empty legs and two empty arms -- nonstop eating (and he's thin). Why is it that I look at those blondies and I'm tubby? But he's always asking for veggie burger, broccoli, spinach and fruit (loves all berries, nectarine, watermelon and banana). Every day. Every meal. "Booger!" (burger) "Brock-oli" (which he says in that same sing-songy way they do "ricola"). "Pinatch!" (spinach) Oh yeah, and he loves Fridays so he can sing all day (and I do mean all day) "babbat balom!" (Shabbat shalom) and ask for "mo challah peas" (more challah please).

Anyway, so I know what you mean about monotony. Because I'm too lazy to also cook for myself, I eat their remnants, which means a lot of lemon butter noodles with some of my two year-old's veggies thrown in for good measure.

Guess what? Tomorrow I'm taking the laddies off camping for a few days: we're going (seriously) on a dinosaur dig. I'm not sure who's more excited: my triceratops-loving four year-old or me! (The two year-old is always jolly so he'll have a good time as well -- he just doesn't know it yet.)

Caroline -- I love your KIA threads -- keep them coming!!!

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Ahem, please drop over to the Cooking Forum here on the GW. You're all perfect candidates with your photos, food stories and love of all that is food! We're a friendly bunch and many of us began right here on the KF!

Here is a link that might be useful: GW Cooking Forum!

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I'm laughing at the kid's eating habits. My son would have lived on milk and chicken nuggets until he was about 7 if we had allowed it.

Now he's almost 11 and we had a big feed of beet greens last night when a neighbor brought us a bunch of stuff from his garden. He whined because there wasn't enough time to actually cook the beets before bed. They're for supper tonight and he can't wait. I can't wait until next spring to get my garden back. The new house sort of kept me from planting for 2 springs now.

Corn is just starting here so thanks for the new recipe TR.

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WOW !! You are all such a sweet bunch fresh vegs and fruits from the GW Garden !!

First it should be 4 cups of cut off corn !! Not 3.

Thank you Fly and did taste awesome and I have lots left for tonight :) . I am going to drizzle the soup with truffle oil I think this time.

rm I would trade you any day...I miss a 4 year old in the kitchen baking cookies....and that 2 year old....well you are one very lucky lady ! If you like vegetarian recipes try the book from "rebar" a restaurant in BC. I fould it yesterday and they have AMAZING vegetarian recipes from their restaurant. The reason I am a trailrunner is that I love to run and the trails are more forgiving of these old bones than that pavement. Also I work on stuff in my head when I am out there alone in the woods...therapy :)

ajpl: kids manage to pick what they need in the way of food don't they ? I LOVE fresh beets....wish we were able to grow them here.

compumom: THANK YOU for the invite. I have been over there in the past and it was fine as you say....but this is different and we are trying to find our own niche with showing the kitchen at work not just the food and recipes. Pleasae join us and post KIA pics of your space...we love pics :) Caroline

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Looks really tasty. Have you ever tried the corn that is SO sweet you can eat it raw - and we do all the time. They sell it here at the farmers market. It is soooo GOOD.

No KIA for me recently. All our action in the kitchen is chasing that mischievous puppy we brought home last week. Just look at the little thing sitting under the toekick:

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Hey 246...I got an e-mail that said "don't post OT stuff " on the other side !!

Your puppy is a SWEETHEART ! Cute !!

Maybe someone

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So showing how we use the kitchens that everyone is talking about renovating or actually renovating/building is not OK? Or was it my puppy that did it?


Have you ever tried that corn I was talking about? Very low starch but high sugars to make it taste so good raw.

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How one uses a kitchen is OT?

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I think it was a poster above that may have complained...I DON'T KNOW FOR SURE. There have been acouple folks that wanted us on Cooking. I have reasons for not posting over there. They are very nice but it isn't "me".

I am going to respond to the GW now....thanks for the encouraging words and let's keep posting KIA !!!! c

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Trailrunner, I've 'known' compumom for several years now and trust me, if she objected to your thread, you'd be the first to know. She's not a tattler, if that's what you were intimating :)

I think the reason IV moved your thread is it's important to keep subject matter sorted, so to speak. For a while this place got pretty hairy (do you remember?)- all kinds of OT threads everywhere, in fact, I think it was Jane (rococogrl) that likened it to the wild west, lol

Your chowder looks scrumptious and I'm tempted to give it a whirl!

(and no, I didn't tattle, either ;)

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Oh no ! I was responding to the question as to why they moved it. No bad feelings at all were meant but now that I read back I can see I should have phrased it much better. I am sorry for poor tact !

You are right that there were too many OT threads...roccoco girl was right. We need to keep on task as it were and only talk about and show kitchens.

Again apologies to compumom for any slight...I am sorry. c

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I may have been right like 2 years ago when I said that. No idea what's going on now as I'm only around here sporadically.

Been way busy over at Atticmag with Kitchens We Love and soon we'll be launching Bathrooms We Love.

So best to reach me by email if anyone needs me. Also haven't been cooking as I've been on a serious diet. So amazing when old clothes are new again!

Big wave to all. Paulines, we gotta see about Brimfield this fall. I'll check dates.

Trust none of this is OT as this is the conversations side, after all. LOL!

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I've never understood why people complain, but they do. After reading responses here and over on the Kitchen side I'm hoping this doesn't become another cliquish forum. That's why some people move on from even the best forums. My unsolicited advice would be to just be happy you've found a new home for these educational threads. I don't remember who suggested a What's for dinner type thread over here, but that might be fun. Actually, if you think about it, the skies the limit. ;)

BTW, your finished chowder looks awesome! Bet it tastes incredible.

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Thank you just never know what folks are thinking. But we all have opinions and that is great ! Thanks the chowder was wonderful. I also made a pasta salad w/ the corn and then a corn quich last night. still have some left.
Thanks Jane. I will check out what you are up to. I have been remiss. c

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Hi Trailrunner,

Tonight I finally made the Corn Chowder and it was a big hit! I went back twice for more. Thanks again for the recipe. I tried to duplicate your Pasta Salad (I've never made it before) but it didn't turn out so well. What do you mix with your pasta/veggies? I added Red Wine Vinegarette. Also, we cut off 5 cups of corn and I think we ate 1 cup raw per loves2cook4six -- yummy!
Thanks again!

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Gonzoe, I am so glad you liked the chowder! It is a great recipe . I had 2nds too !

As to the salad, I never have much luck with pasta salad until this one. I made a dressing that was really good...mine usually don't come out well but this one did so I will tell you what I did. I put about 1/2c red wine vinegar and a heaping Tbs Dijon mustard in the blender. I added a good pinch of salt and sugar and mixed that. I then added about 3/4c EVOO and buzzed again. I put a few splashes of Balsamic vinegar and also lemon juice to taste. For herbs I use Mrs dash Garlic mix sprinkled in. It was so good that I am not going to buy dressing anymore in the store. I just made it after reading several internet recipes.

What about your salad was not good ? I bet we can fix it :) c

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Hi Trailrunner,
Sorry for such a late reply. Dad went in hospital (after 8 days in the hospital, he's o.k. now) and then my dh and I went to Cape Cod for a week. (Lobster, Steamed Clams-YUM! Anyway, pasta salad was much better next day, but I'm planning on trying it the way you make it. Getting ready to go to our local farmer's market to see what they have this morning. Will miss the fresh vegetables when the market closes. Thanks again for all your advice! Will let you know how the pasta salad turns out next time. V

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I am SO GLAD your Dad is OK now. What a stressful time for you all. Cape COd sounds wonderful. I have never been there. Please do let me can send an e-mail as I rarely check over here. Good Luck ! c

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