I got the job : )

weed30August 22, 2006

Here is a link to the thread where I mentioned my issues about the tricky interviewing for a new job: clicky

As it turned out, this was one of the hardest interview processes I've ever gone through. I interviewed with a total of 5 people, and also had to take an 'online assessment', which was basically a personality test. I hate those! Not because I'm an axe murderer, but because I feel they are invasive, and in many cases are not indicative of someone's performance. i.e.: My assessment said I did not like conflict. Very true...I'm not someone who enjoys confrontation at all. BUT, I will embrace it if necessary!

Here's the ironic part: I was so worried about saying anything negative about the previous company I worked for, and it turns out that 'the word on the street' is how bad that company is! So it was the one time that it would have been ok to slam a former employer.

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Congrats!!!! Are you doing the same thing, but with a better company? Or is this a career change? What an accomplishment, especially since you took the high road with your past employer!

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Good news, weed; keep us posted on how you like it !!!!

I think it was still a good move on your part not to bash the former company.

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goldgirl - I'm doing the same thing. I was trying to change careers, but I just couldn't afford to at this time. I think this is going to be a good gig though. Great commute too!

mitch - Yes, I am still glad I didn't bash them. It is a small world, and my dad always told me, never burn a bridge. Over the years, I have been surprised several times working at the same place as someone from my past.

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WEED! That's great! Now you have more money for plants!


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Congratulations Weed!!

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Weed!!! Congrats. That's awesome, and a lesson I'll have to remember, for sure.

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Congratulations Weed! So many changes for you lately - your cute head must be spinning!

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Thanks everyone, and reno, good luck on getting that new house! It has some wonderful features. (although that kitchen is screaming for a reno ;)

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All the best to you, Weed. Stay upbeat!

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