Can I ask a non-kitchen related question here?

marti8aAugust 25, 2012

I've never spent any time on conversations and don't really know what the rules are here.

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Bump down. I guess this forum isn't as active as I thought it would be.

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No, it's not very active. I guess it used to be. If you head over to the Conversation side of Home Decor, you'll find lots of nice folks with lots of active threads.

I really wish we could get things hopping over here though!

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Hi, I think this would be a nice place to share information about us - that is "nice to know", not the down and dirty "have to know" details that are needed on the kitchen forum.

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Well, I know there are a lot of us who are in the over 50 category here and I was going to ask if anyone had an elderly relative who fractured a hip. My fil fell last week and had a fracture - the top of his femur. But drs thought it too risky to do surgery and sent him back to the nursing home. Surprisingly, he seems not to be in a lot of pain now. He just needs to be watched a lot more than before.

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A couple of people have tried to have a general conversation side here but it never seems to catch on. I check in every once in a while but ....nothing. If you are looking for general conversation the Home Decoration site and their conversation side is very active.

marti8a - you might want to go over there because there has been a couple of threads lately about elderly parents breaking hips and so you might find some good information and definitely some great support. Try starting a thread there.

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blfenton - I'm guessing this could all change very easily now with the new 'post email replies' box to check; it will be far easier to get a conversation going here I think.

marti8a - I suggest posting a heads-up about the question you might pose in a new thread here and maybe a url to it and I'm guessing you could jump-start something...

?what did you want to know? ;)

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Thanks for the heads up aliris. I'll check in more often.

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Sadly, Marti just posted on the Dec Forum that her FIL died yesterday. Go to Conversations over there for information.

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