Dr Phil- 'Relationship Rescue' book- any use for you?

koala_emAugust 1, 2006

Just bought it... we are both fed up with generally feeling 'unhappy' with where our life is at present. No screaming fights, no abuse, no divorce looming- just feeling stuck.

Anyone read the book? I am just in the early chapters... and have started the workshoping questions- very emotionally tiring.

Has this book helped anyone?


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Em, I have not read the book but I commend you for taking a step in the right direction; dealing with your emotions is very tiring but it's essential for any kind of recovery or improvement in your life.

I like Dr. Phil and how he gives tips on opening up and saying what you are feeling and what you want; good luck to you on your quest, may you find the hope you need to spark up your relationship.

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Thanks mitch. I like the Dr Phil show, that's why I got the book.

According to DH the kitchen reno is a major stress! LOL


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Read the real version. It was written by Harvil Hendrix like 15 years ago and called Getting the Love you want. Dr. Phil is merely vommitting back Dr. Hendrix's innovations from long ago.

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Whoa! That's pretty harsh. Whatever Dr. Phil's perceived faults, he certainly seems to have packaged Dr. Hendrix's principles much better than Dr. Hendrix did, or we'd all be watching Dr. Harv(?).

Yes, the kitchen is a major stress, but the payoff will last for years. The best is yet to come.

Good luck Em.

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