Covering up tile floors

karynDecember 12, 2012

We're moving to FL where there is a crazy trend to tile entire houses wall to wall. Many of the houses we've looked at are just this hideous plain white cheap ceramic 12x12 tiles everywhere!

We HATE tile, except where it's tastefully and sparingly used. Like a guest bath or powder room. And then it should be highly upgraded materials - not plain bargain tile.

So - simple question - can one carpet over tile - and/or install hardwood flooring over tile? Can one TILE over tile?

Of course there is the consideration of transitions where it might go from one room to another - and having 1/2 - 1" higher where the new floor sits on top of the old isn't going to be good. But in a house where it's might have 2000+ square feet of tile - removing it all isn't an option financially, time wise or MESS wise.

It might actually be wiser, faster and cheaper to cover over the tile flooring in an entire house than try to remove all the tile and then add new flooring - if possible.

IF YOU DON'T cover it all - and only want to do some rooms - is it possible to "feather" the transitions from new wood/carpet (on top of tile) - to old tile areas? (Assuming one can put these things on top of tile).

Thanks for ideas in advance!

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Nevermind - I got answers elsewhere online - and YES it's possible with the right preparations. :-)

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