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calyle7August 29, 2013

I am trying to decide on flooring for my new kitchen...and the choice is between a floating laminate tile floor or wood.
I just talked to someone at ifloor and he suggested that I not put the floor under the cabinets because it is a Quik Lok tile and that a floating floor would breathe and contract and if it was under the cabinets it couldn't so it might buckle the tile where it is joined at the Quik Lok.....Does that make sense?
Does anyone have a laminate that is Quik Lok and put it under their cabinets...if so...any problems?
Everyone has told me to lay the floor first before I put the cabinets down but he says no.
Please go to the website below and let me know what your choice is between the Roma and the Carmella.
If you don't like them ..let me know why or if your choice is wood....please give me your opinion.....thanks so much...I am So Glad i found this forum...What a Help it is!! Oh by the way ...
I will have Antique White Cabinets but they are very Creamy.


Here is a link that might be useful: iflooring

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He just send me a picture of a entire tile..so wanted to share what it looks like.....What color do you like to go with antique Creamy Cabinets?

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Please if anyone has time...please post and let me know your opinion on the flooring in my precious post...
I need to make my decision today..

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One more post on the floating floor....Will have to make the order today..and was wondering if anyone has an opinion on the brand (Westhollow) or which color to go with Creamy Antique Cabinets..Bianco Romano Granite and Bronze hardware.

I'm sure the most of you would prefer Wood Floors But since I can't do the wood floor going into the den (and that will be partially open to the kitchen with a small snack bar) I will have to do that later....so since I can't do both at the same time...I think it will be be better to do the kitchen with the laminate tile...the kitchen is between the den and dining room which has wood floors.
If anyone has time...please let me know which you like best of the two colors of tile...one on left and one on the right.
Thanks so much

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You should post this on the other part of the kitchen forum. This is the "conversation" side, I think the side you want is called the "discussion" side.

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