medical consent for daughter in our absence (tomorrow!)

sjerinAugust 30, 2007

My husband and I are taking our daughter to an out-of-state college tomorrow, while our oldest is looking after our 15-year-old. It just occurred to me that we should leave some sort of medical release, just in case. Can anyone advise me of the wording?

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Did you talk to your friend?
Have a wonderful trip! Lots of memory makers.
My best to you and your family.

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Yes I did! He just rattled off a few sentences that covered it all so I'm happy. One copy in dd's purse and one copy on the pantry door with the itinerary and "to do" list. Thanks, shequit!

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You will also want a release signed by your college daughter which allows you to get information from doctors/hospitals/etc.

This is not as intrusive as it sounds. An unconscious (adult) child is unable to give permission for medical personnel to notify parents/give information to parents/request x-rays, prior medical history or any pertinent information from parents. We've been there. Thank God everyone broke the rules and did everything they could to help us.

You may also be unable to refill prescriptions at your pharmacy (highly unlikely, though) or request a refill or records from your child's pediatrician (ours is strict about over 18) without a signed permission from your child.

I don't have our form on this computer. If you would like it, email me when you return and I'll send it to you.

And another one flies the nest!!

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Thanks very much for the good info, Pecan. I did actually copy off the letter you refer to above and even made copies for dd's friends, most of whom didn't take one! I explained why their parents would love to have it but they gave me blank looks and were probably wishing they could roll their eyes. I've had two flown dd's sign it, and will certainly do so for the third when she is ready to go. Sometimes those hippa laws can be such a pain and a little frightening. We have to also be sure to go to the correct office at the university to have her sign the form that allows us to see grades and tuition bills. Crazy, being that we're paying for it all! For the first time, this morning I woke up with the thought, "why did she have to pick a college so far away???"

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pecan, you're so right. Whatever that rule is called, and I imagine it came into being for a good reason, it seems to go over the edge sometimes into potentially destructive blocking of information.

Have a great trip, erin and family :)

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