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Christinaplus6August 13, 2014

This is my first post! I've read a ton and haven't really needed to ask any questions till just now. We bought our house a couple years ago in all it's golden oak and mustard coloured bathroom. We've been painting and replacing everything we can but we have a small budget. I'm splurging on granite and my Bianco antico will be installed in the next week or 2 (templating happens tomorrow!). My plan was to do an off white subway tile backsplash and I went onto kijiji (kinda like a craigslist) and found double the amount of "off white 3 x 6 subway tiles" for less than half what I would have gotten them for at Home Depot. Score. I sent my husband to pick them up an hour away and just got a look at them now. Not off white. They are a matte......well, it says ivory but it looks like a light taupe to me. Almost like a clay colour. Of husband didn't notice anything weird. Said they looked just like the sample tile we had already.....sigh. And he spent that time driving and getting them for me.....I'm hoping that I won't hate it...but at the same time....I just don't want to take any chances. I've spent so much time and money, I don't want to dislike my kitchen. I am having a hard time finding pictures of kitchens with a similar backsplash. I've found some that are close but they are usually glass which means they are glossy. Can someone tell me if this will be horrible?

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