Financial Questions

CEFreemanAugust 20, 2013

Hi all!
I'm posting over here (where I should) because I know eventually someone will click by and offer me advice.

I was wondering if anyone knew a decent site where I could ask some questions? I cannot afford to hire a financial planner, but if I can get a handle on possibilities, then I can go to one with some brains behind my questions.

My mom died last week & my sisters and I have small bequests. Having a judgement against me from divorce, I don't want them to snag this money. Gotta figure out how to protect it!

Thanks for your suggestions ... when you wander by!

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if you don't get any answers here try the conversation side of the Home Decorating forum. It is much more active than here.

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And check the Household Finances forum, too.

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Thanks, guys!
Sushipup, I am chagrined to be told there is a household finances forum! Didn't know.


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