Allergy to home - Replaced Flooring

tp912December 13, 2010

I purchased a new home in June. Since moving in, I have developed a constant contact dermatitis, that recovers fully upon leaving the home for a few days. I recently decided it was either solve the problem or sell the house, so I removed all the carpet and glued down cheap hardwood flooring. Within a few days my problems were completely alleviated. I ordered formaldehyde free hardwood flooring and the took weeks which it took to arrive I continued to have no problems. It has been 3 days since the flooring has been installed, and my problems are quickly returning and worsening. How could this be??

Products used

Wood - Sideways flooring Bart Maple -

Underlayment -

No glue.

Where did I go wrong again? I feel like I just spent 9,000 only to start my problem over.


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My kids have contact allergies. In the house we built 9 years ago if my daughter laid in the floor she broke out where ever her skin touched the carpet. daughter allegic to cheer, son allergic to gain, I'm allergic to clean breeze tide. I breakout from mold-used to have cows and horses. I would have to shower after feeding hay. Such fun. Anyways if you haven't changed detergent. You might check into the chance of mold(sorry, I know that sounds scary but be sure before you throw more money at your house.) I say this because I assume you are not rolling around on your hardwood floors. So the contact may be something in the air not your floor.

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