Is linoleum still being used?

obrionusaDecember 11, 2012

Im going to start to update my main bathroom. I plan on paint, new counter top lights faucet and new flooring. I already installed new tub surround a few years ago. There is currently carpet down so I can put linoleum down very easy and affordable. I would prefer tile, but cant really afford that now. If its going to look cheap then I would probably go ahead and just do it. The bathroom is about 60-75 sq, ft and I live in Midwestern part of U.S.
Advice please.

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Sophie Wheeler

Hardly anyone does sheet vinyl anymore----much less in the bath. Look at Luxury Vinyl Tile instead. Or actally get a price on porcelain. They really are not that far apart in pricing.

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>Hardly anyone does sheet vinyl anymore.

I beg to differ. That's certainly true on these boards, but plenty of sheet vinyl is still sold. It all depends on what price level of house you've got. If it's more toward the starter home range, then vinyl is perfectly suitable, and there are very realistic looking tile patterns available in sheet vinyl these days.

If your home is in the higher end, then vinyl would be looked down on by buyers, but you're not selling, so do what you like.

Porcelain is at least double the price of sheet vinyl, and the installation is more complicated, so the total cost is significantly more than sheet vinyl.

Another option is to put sheet vinyl in now, then upgrade to tile when you've got the funds.

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Sheet vinyl and genuine linoleum are good choices for floors throughout the home. I installed tons of the stuff and recently redid a customer's bathroom in ceramic tiles and regretted the decision...too much work and a sheet vinyl option would have been easier and given the client a fully-cleanable surface.

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As far as industry sales go, sheet vinyl is a very very small portion of the sales. Luxury vinyl tile has been taking sales away from it if vinyl is a consideration as it's "modular" and an easier DIY install. Laminate is way down too. Tile and wood are taking up the slack and increasing their shares as people stay in place and upgrade their homes.

As far as design choices go, even lower end new homes around here are coming with ceramic as builder grade standard. The only time you see much sheet vinyl is in apartments, older homes or in newer mobile/modular homes.

Not that it is a poor choice functionally. Not at all. It functions really well. It's just not considered even a mid grade finish choice in any market. It's considered a cheap low end finish.

Sheet linoleum is a completely different animal. It's considered an upscale choice in any market, IF anyone actually recognizes it as linoleum and not vinyl. It also has the costs associated with a higher end choice as it's difficult to find a retailer for it as well as a certified installer. That alone is what keeps it rather rarified.

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Genuine linoleum is not difficult to install, nor is sheet vinyl. Trained installers are difficult to find, because the direction the industry went the past twenty years, with heavy emphasis on the DIY portion of the market, ceramic, wood and that laminate junk. The industry did not train enough installers for the sheet products...(and from what I've seen of many residential installations...there aren't enough trained installers for the other products too).

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I just did my house in sheet vinyl except for the living room, last year. I couldn't be happier! It looks very good and cleans super easy. And if a spill happens, I don't have to panic. I know lots of people talk vinyl tiles, but I just couldn't see putting something down with the chance of so many little corners wanting to peel up at some point, when I feel I got as good of a look or better. Didn't want to clean grout either, been there. I have two shelter dogs and my sheet vinyl makes things so much easier! I studied flooring for over a year before I decided on mine. And brought samples home to abuse. When all brands of laminate wood peeled or buckled over a little water or snow, I changed my thinking to the sheet vinyl and took the plunge! Very happy with my choice with no regrets, except I wish I would have gone ahead and done the living room with it and just used a rug. Forgot doggie are so busy and run in and out so much! Mine is Mannington. What did you decide on?

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Killinsnakes, I love your Mannington vinyl floor! Which one did you chose as it really looks like real wood. I wish I used that instead of the engineered wood in my home.

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Mannington Resilint Premium Naturals Carolina Oak- Chestnut is the floor I picked. I still love it!

Here is a link that might be useful: mannington vinyl

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I have porcelon tile in kitchen and looking to replace with Mannington Adura Lock Solid luxury vinyl. We are going with a stone look. I have been doing a lot of research on these floors and I think I want the floating locking surface. I am done with glue down and grout! thats why I am replacing existing. Would love to hear from anyone with information on above.

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For the green types, linoleum is a natural product.

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