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honeyb2August 17, 2007

Hi all -

I tend to buy mid-range brand name linens at department stores when they go on sale, but I usually end up disappointed in their quality. I probably need to stop living in the 70's, start accepting that stuff costs more now, and put out some real money for something better than Martex or whatever. But I definitely don't want to pay more and still be disappointed. Does anyone have a brand/source for towels and sheets that they really think are high quality/good value? If so, I'd love to hear about it. TIA.


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If you want great quality at a great price more than any particular color or style, then IMO, Tuesday Morning is hard to beat. If you're looking for a particular color or style, then of course, it's hit or miss. Costco has some great 540 thread count sheets in now for, IIRC, about $69 for a queen set. We bought a set and think they're FANTASTIC. They're easily my favorite set and I have a minor addiction to high TC sheets...

Costco also has some microfiber cotton bath sheets that I love. Limited color selection - but if it's a color you like --

And a related question -- Anyone try bamboo towels? They feel very soft in the store, but I'm wondering about absorbancy and how they feel after a few washings. Any reviews?

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I found some sheets I really like at Kohl's, which is surprising because I am pretty picky about nice soft sheets. I was leery about the "sateen", but they are great. These are soft right out of the first wash, and not thin like some others.

Here is a link that might be useful: clicky

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Sweeby - thanks! I never heard of Tuesday Morning, figured maybe it was a Texas thing, looked it up and supposedly there's one just a few miles from my house. Apparently I need to get out more. I'll check it out. I'll look at Costco too. Anyone else have suggestions about specific brands, or catalog or online sources you love?

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thanks weed - there's definitely a Kohl's around here so I'll check these out. I feel a lot better shelling out $70 for sheets once someone has told me that they're not going to pill up after 3 wash cycles like last my last set did.

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I just bought two sets of towels at Kohl's and besides being longer and a little wider than what I was used to, they are wonderfully soft and med. thick......really impressed & they wash beautifully. If this will help, I just looked up price I paid early July, bath was 13.99 and hand towel was 10.99 and they were having a sale of buy one and get one free. Kohl's is always having "biggest sale of the season" or something sale so I never, ever have paid full price. You know what I do like about Kohl's is that they carry so many good name brands like Lee, Levi, Sag Harbor, Bali, Kitchen Aid, Nike and they have really good sales. I like being a 'senior' and getting the usually 15% off on Wed. Do go look up the towels and all the wonderful colors (they have winter colors and spring color lines).

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I asked a similar question a while back. Here's a link to the old thread. See below.

Here is a link that might be useful: towel question

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Earlier this week I bought (and received already) a wonderful set of 100% Egyptian cotton, 500 thread count sheets at Tuesday Morning. They're made by the Italian company, Sferra, and retail for $710, but TM had an online offer close-out price for only $139 for a queen set. I've bought them at close-out before, and they're just amazing. Super soft, and softer still with each wash. No pilling, either. And these aren't "seconds." I would NEVER pay big bucks for my sheets, and not all Egyptian cotton is alike, but Sferra makes a really luxurious linen. The sale is still ongoing, I believe.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tuesday Morning's online sheet sale

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Hey Weed, saw the salute over on the CF.

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adopted by greyhounds, thanks for the link to that thread - duh, I shoulda done a search. Anyway, I've printed it all out. Can't wait to move all my "carwash" towels out to the garage where they belong.

oofasis (I still chuckle when I see your name, remembering from whence it came) - thanks for the sferra link - in a classic case of ya snooze, ya lose, the queen sheet sets are gone. alas.

weed - if you happen to see this - happy b-day!

everybody - thanks for all the ideas!

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The very best towels that I have found are the Embrace towels by Christy. They are made in England and sold by Bloomingdales.
They are made of a combination of cotton, silk, and modal.
They are super soft and absorbent!

Here is a link that might be useful: Embrace towels by Christy

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