Anyone else think there should be his and her bathrooms in a mast

natebear zone 10BAugust 18, 2012

I'm sitting here waiting for DH to get out of the bathroom as I write this. We are preparing to go out & the kids are using their bathroom. Even if we had another bathroom, I feel like the best scenario would be if the bath was within the master for privacy.

Of course, I am just fantasizing....Am I alone here?! Anyone else wanna play fantasy dream house with me? What non standard marriage saving features would you like to see in a home?

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My marriage saving dream home has connecting his and her bedrooms as well as his and her baths. There are times I can't sleep and want to read or watch tv in bed, but can't because he is sleeping and the light would wake him up. Or he's snoring and I can't get to sleep. It's doesn't even have to be two full bedrooms and baths. It could be like a master suite with a big bedroom with a connecting office and sofa in it it, or Murphy bed.

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Yes!! I've seen plenty of $$$ homes on TV with his and her MBaths. It's the newest thing. Well, that and homes with two master suites. I couldn't even squeeze two sinks into my new MBath addition. I did, however, get a gigantor bathtub! Since I'm a SAHM now, DH and I rarely get ready at the same time in the morning so I guess it's OK to have one sink. When that bathroom is finally done next year, you're going to have to pry me out of the tub. :)

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We put two toilets in our remodel!! Highly recommended!

GC thought we were wierd, and said he had done urinals and toilets.....DH told him that the one in this family who does NOT spend 30+ minutes on the toilet was NOT going to use a urinal!!

Wish I could have done it as two complete baths, but I may have resented cleaning another bath that I didn't use at all LOL....i can't afford "help"!!


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I just had to revive this post. My husband and I are remodeling a home that was built in 1976 with 2 master baths, so not a new idea at all. We HATED the way it was - 2 small, compartmentalized,inefficient rooms; his had shower, no tub; hers had tub no shower. New master bath is spacious: double vanity, large steam shower with bench, soaker tub, toilet in small room by itself. It's amazing how much square footage was recovered from the same space. Now either of us [or both together] can shower or soak as we choose. Our architect tried to put two toilets but we nixed that in favor of larger shower. While initially tempting, I realized I would be the one cleaning it anyway.

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