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uxorialAugust 9, 2006

Did you get the email I sent yesterday morning? I know you had some "issues" with your mail program a little while ago. Is it working OK now? If you didn't get the message, email me and I'll resend it.

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I'd like to know this too! I sent you an e-mail months ago (to an old address) and wondered if you ever got it. I had a specific bathroom question up my sleeve at that time and wondered if you'd changed your e-mail address. Of course I just preferred to think you were not ignoring me, although I know you were busy with your own remodel.

Did you know you were a resident advisor?

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Oh uxorial, I'm so sorry...You have a reply coming (I'm having trouble with my *outgoing* -- I just can't get in touch with some people, even though I never get a "message undeliverable", it just doesn't seem to go through, despite my copying the address) Please let me know if it doesn't come...and in the interim, THANKS, you dear thing :)

And Claire, I don't think I got it--I also evidently never got one from mongo, unless he was joking...I haven't changed my e-mail address; please try again and if it doesn't go through this time I'll e-mail you from here...

My DH keeps insisting it has to do with my 30K e-mails in my general inbox...I say it can't's microsoft's problem, right? :)

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