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gibby2015August 8, 2006

This is probably a really naive question but I have no experience with this and I'm wondering what to expect. I've lost enough weight that my pants are a good size too big. I have some nice business attire that is quite new and I'd like to have the pants taken in to fit.

When you have tailoring like this done do the pants look "like new" - like nothing has been done? Or do they not look quite right after being taken in? I don't want to wreck the pants but on the other hand I can't really wear them as they are and in some cases they are part of a a suit so alot of clothing wasted if I don't get them tailored - unless I grow into them some day - which I'm hoping will not happen. Just wondering what I should expect.

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A good tailor will make them look like new. They know how to take everything in proportionally, so as to avoid a bunchy look.

The only trouble is that sometimes tailored clothes fit so well, and look so good, you want to have all of your clothes tailored!

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I think it all depends on the skill of the tailor. The local guy who does my jeans hems for $5 will probably not do as good a job as the shop downtown that specialized in real tailoring and hand-made wedding gowns.

It is possible to alter things well. Just find someone who can do a good job of it.

My mother, who passed away last year at age 95, worked in a tailor's shop when she was in high school. If anyone could make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, it was my Mother.

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It depends on the skill of the tailor and the type of garment. I live in St. Louis, and I have a wonderful tailor. She is Russian, as are many tailors in this area. I am convinced they are the best.

The thing I really appreciate about mine is that she will tell me if she CAN'T fix something. ie, she will say she can take it in, but it will never lay right.

TIP: When taking in pants or skirts, be sure and *sit down* after the tailor has it all pinned up. You want to be sure it still feels good when dealing with the 'seated spread' :)

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Gibby, I can't answer you about the tailoring, but I just want to say: way to go, sistah! It sounds like you're ready to graduate from the Baggy Pants Club! Congratulations!

p.s. If tailoring won't work, consider wearing the print/tweed jackets with solid-color pants and solid-color jackets with a coordinating print or complementary solid.


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Thanks for the insights - and thank you Sue for your kind words.

I think the tailor I've used for hems is good - but what can you tell from hems. They also do drycleaning though and do a nice job on that. I have a good feeling though about a family that immigrated from Cambodia that has the whole extended family working in the backroom. I think I might take a "lesser" pair of pants in for a trial run - a pair that I was thinking I'd just quit wearing now.

That's what I was thinking about everything until I was watching "What Not to Wear" and they were talking about how some people just can't buy things off the rack and have to get them tailored. Duh - why couldn't I do that - I tend NOT to think outside the box......

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Gibby, pants are one of the hardest things to tailor because they're so three dimensional, not like a skirt where you can often make large alterations at the side seams without ruining the line. Usually you can take in pants one or two sizes before the inseam area becomes distorted. At that point you're talking about remaking the garment rather than tailoring it.


Who used to make her own pants....

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Holy Cow! I dropped four pairs of pants off at the tailor today and the bill was $149. You definitely don't want to do this with your run of the mill every day pants. They needed waist, butt and crotch taken in and they're all lined. Does this sound like a reasonable price for that?

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Gibby, let me add my congratulations as well! That does sound about right to me, especially for pants that are lined, since they not only have to deal with the pants but the lining too. (It's like altering two for one.) Sounds like the quality of the garment is good though, and they'll probably fit better than you're expecting them to. (I'd rather do that than have to go buy four new pairs of pants.) You'll probably feel it was worth it when you get them back and get to wear them again, looking good!

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Claire-thanks for your kind words. I have to say it was kind of a gratifying experience - in spite of the bill. She said they don't cut the fabric off so you can let them back out some day if you want. I was thinking - good lord no - having to pay again to have them let out is another incentive not to gain this weight back!!

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Hey - I finally tried on those pants I had taken in. They turned out great - well worth the money. Now I'm beginning to realize I have no casual pants for fall/winter that fit - not worth having any of those taken in. I'm going to have to go shopping......

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