Replacing Kitchen Cabinets w/o Disturbing Tile Floor

susanlynn2012August 19, 2013

Someone posted this question on the kitchen forum and was told to post it here in the kitchen discussions. She had tiled under the refrigerator, stove and dishwasher with tiles she loves that are also in an adjoining room. She would like to know if she can replace the kitchen cabinets without removing the tiles. I would also like to know this as I have been holding off tiling my floor (bought the tiles in 2011 when just wanted prettier floors but did not realize they should go under cabinets but now the floor is damaged and cracked and rolling up and needs to be removed ASAP) until I replaced the kitchen cabinets but I also bought extra in case the edges around the cabinets needed to be removed to finish the job if I waited longer to get the cabinets but removed the damaged Linoleum floor from water damage.

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Without seeing it in person I couldn't say for sure, however its very very possible yes.

You have to keep in mind that the new cabinets have to follow the exact same floor plan or at least go over the cabinet tile. The new cabinets should be built up to the height of the finished tile floor height to avoid any issues with the dishwasher and such.

As for your situation, depending on who you talk to, putting down flooring before cabinets or after cabinets depends on who you ask. I've talked with flooring guys that feel that you would never put down flooring first but rather afterwards.

But there are a few things to keep in mind. Yes you could put your flooring down now but you would pretty much have to be in love with your current floor plan as you would have to keep it the same.

Also if you put the flooring down now you COULD run into a potential problem with getting your dishwasher out if necessary. But if you are removing your old cabinets and tops at remodel then that could be a problem you won't have, just make sure you have enough tile to do under the dishwasher when you're ready to do the entire remodel. If you tile under the dishwasher now during the floor remodel and you're not remodeling your cabinets yet you could run into an issue with it fitting under the countertop.

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