Update (pics and raves) about Mexico vacation w/children

reno_fanAugust 3, 2006

Okay, so we got back Monday from taking that vacation.

We were going to go with an all inclusive resort that several travel agents and others had recommended (The Barcelo Maya Beach Resort), but at the last minute, DH had a customer tell him to go to the Iberostar Paraiso Lindo. Located in Playa Paraiso, b/w Cancun and Playa del Carmen.

We took a chance and did it. Booked it through Apple Vacations and took off.

All I can say is WOW. Wow for Apple Vacations, who made us feel like we had a "friend" in Mexico, and WOW for the Iberostar group. This hotel was *just* what we needed.

Huge pools, including a wave pool and lazy river, swim up bars, really really good food, beautiful beach, the best service I've ever had. I will DEFINITELY be going back next year!

Here are a few shots of the resort:

and this is how they'd leave us fresh towels....always in the shape of a cute animal:

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That looks fantastic. It sounds like it was, too! It's always good to hear about a new place to go, especially with such a good recommendation. I hope you're refreshed and feeling rested after time away from home. It's good to leave it once in a while, isn't it?

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Wow!! What a great find!! Thanks so much for sharing your pictures. I will look into it, though it is easier for us to go to Hawaii or W. Mexico from our location (CA). Still, I would love to go someplace new, as we have been to Hawaii so many times it is kind of like going to Disneyland - a really fun vacation, but totally familiar. Sometimes I like something new!

That place looks like a perfect family spot. Do you mind if I ask if it was expensive? Do they have a website? Thanks!

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Seeking, I know what you mean about location. I really really wanted Hawaii...but the flight/travel time was like 12 hours! We just couldn't afford the time spent traveling.

I really think this place was reasonable. We paid $5100 for all 5 of us, airfare included, for 6 nights. (But that's with 2 rooms. We wanted the down-time without the kids!)

-Free (but limited selection) room service
-all you can/drink
-superb service. Seriously. These folks were amazing.
-plenty of adventures to be had off-site.

We went to a place called XCaret, an ecoological park. We snorkeled, swam in these really cool underground rivers, and did more touristy things.

The website is GoIberostar.com.

Tripadvisor.com also has lots of reviews on them, as well as other photos.

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WHat-- no FISHING charter boat? LOL

Very nice. :-)

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Glad you enjoyed Mexico! We'll have to check out Iberostar. It looks glorious.

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definitely checking it out, reno. Looks like you all had a *marvel-filled* time. I love the hotel architecture shots--guess you figure we can definitely appreciate good design :)

I'd also be interested in hearing more about XCaret. I'll google it.

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