I miss you guys!

msafirsteinAugust 5, 2006

We started the entensive remodel and now when I have a minute to relax I like to read the Kitchen Forum and many of the people that helped me so much this Spring are no where to be found. I miss you guys!

Any whos, just wanted to say how fortunate I feel that I came on board earlier this year for such expert and helpful advice.

For the ones still around, I am not slighting you so please don't take this the wrong way. I guess I became dependent on certain people and when their input is absent, it is a bit lonely.


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Michelle, although I wasn't one of your particular buddies, I want to encourage you to keep coming back. You'd be amazed how many of MY old remodeling colleagues return after absences of a month or two, or more. Some of them now spend their time on the Cooking Forum, or elsewhere on this web, but they do come "back home," from time to time. They know that this is a place where they can share their concerns, ask for advice, and "connect" with others in the same boat (whatever boat that is). So...stay tuned!


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