Pergo floor transition strip help

blue_fastbackDecember 11, 2009

I am going to tackle a 10x11 laminate install this weekend. I bought the supplies from Lowes with the help of the flooring dept. I am worried about the transition strip that I need. One end of the room which is 10' feet wide meets up to carpet and I need a transition strip. The guy a Lowes sold me the premade tranition strips for my room but the premade strips are only 5' long so he sold me 2 packages. I dont see how that is going to look good to have 2 pieces butted up to each other. Do I need to make my own 10' strip? Do I just buy some unfinisded trim and stain it to match? How would I fasten this down? The premade stuff ftom Pergo has a track the transition piece fits into.

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