Considering zoning in new construction at beach

david_caryMarch 29, 2011

I am in the planning stages of a 2000 sqft house on 2 levels at the ocean. My initial thought was seer 13 Trane with 2 units. Not looking to spend a lot of money for what is a rental a lot of the time. Trane seems to have the best resistance to corrosion but still 5-7 years seems like the average life expectancy for the outdoor unit.

They will be heat pumps, no NG available.

It would make keeping ductwork in conditioned space easier if I did zoning and it would make just one outdoor unit to replace. But I would want a good zoning system and what I have and know is Carrier Infinity. I'd love to find something reliable and cheaper for this property and ideally Trane. I'm sure that there are independent systems that would be fine but which?

I could go with Infinity, but I'm thinking that it wouldn't save any money over going with 2 basic Tranes. It would give me some extra closet space and simplify the ducting issues and be Seer 15, but I certainly can't go over budget for it.


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If the duct system is designed right, any good zone panel will work fine. Key is duct design and few are good at it. For 2000 sq ft, should be fine.

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Does trane make a zone panel?

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Trane does not have a branded zone panel like Carrier. However, they have a long standing relationship with Honeywell which manufactures zoning controls.


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